Do You Feel Underdressed? Try These Styling Tips to Standout

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Successful fashion is all about turning heads while still blending in. You want to showcase your style through anything you wear, even if it is the simplest outfit. When done right, you can elevate even a simple outfit to a sartorial masterpiece. It can take some time to tap into your inner Anna Wintour and find a style that suits you best, but you don’t need to fear. Fashion is all about being experimental and putting yourself out there, and working with your inner intuition. While you can play around with trends, influences, colors, and designs, there are a few general rules to follow. These rules help keep your fashion grounded while making every fashion experiment shine. If you feel you’re always doing a little too less despite the occasion, don’t fret. Keep reading below to learn the best styling tips that will hone your sartorial sense and let you create the perfect outfit for all occasions.

You can never go wrong with a dress

If you aren’t sure of what to wear to formal occasions, it may be time to ditch the dress pants and shirts for the time being. Finding suitable combinations for them can be a bit tricky and depends on your preferences and size. Not all pants are flattering for all shapes, and some can highlight further the areas you want to hide. If you’re planning to look elegant, put-together, and sleek, a dress is a perfect pick.

If you want to accentuate your body in all the right places and put together a stunning look, pick a plus-size maxi dress. Plus-sized women often have a hard time finding dresses that make them feel confident in their skin. However, there are various styles to opt for that can make you fall in love with your body and look beautiful. So, add a bunch of Plus Size Maxi Dresses in various designs to your wardrobe and never look underdressed again. Plus, dresses are perfect for any occasion, be it a formal dinner, summer getaway, or picnic.

Invest in high-quality pieces

Honing your fashion sense doesn’t mean you need to have tons of clothes, accessories, and jewelry in your closet. Instead, having a handful of high-quality pieces you can style in various ways is the key to always looking on point. Adding a high-quality piece to any outfit can immediately elevate your look and add a touch of finesse and elegance. Of course, every detail doesn’t need to be high-end. A statement bag, shoes, belt, or jewelry can go with various outfits and make your ensemble seem much more refined.

Furthermore, it’s essential to consider the fitting when buying tailored pieces like pants, suits, collared shirts, and jeans. You want a flattering, smoothing fit that makes your outfit look sleek and defined. Fashion is all about boosting your confidence, and you can’t do so if you’re busy worrying about how your clothes fit you. So, before buying anything, be sure to try it on and see whether it looks good on you. Otherwise, you might be stuck with a piece that doesn’t make you feel your best.

Pay attention to your makeup

Your styling isn’t just limited to what you wear, but every aspect of your appearance. Makeup is a significant part of our outfit and, when done right, can be the perfect complement to anything we wear. You can make your outfit seem all the fresher with a bright pop of lipstick or add a sultriness to any ensemble with smoky eyes. You don’t need to layer on the makeup to look good. Dewy, natural makeup is all the rage these days and lets you accentuate your best features without looking overdone.

Makeup looks are now about being creative and experimental, so don’t be afraid to play with colors. Furthermore, it’s vital to consider the occasion when doing your makeup. You don’t want to opt for a colorless look when heading to a formal dinner or get-together, or vice versa. Pick colors that complement or contrast with your outfit, and you have a fool-proof look that’ll turn heads wherever you go.

Create balance

When putting together an outfit, balance is crucial. Putting together an unbalanced look is one of the most common styling mistakes. It can make your outfit choice seem juvenile, no matter how high-end the clothes are. As a rule of thumb, consider balancing out your tops and bottoms to create harmony. If you wear a loose, baggy top, consider pairing it with fitted bottoms. Conversely, pair a flexible bottom with a slightly fitted shirt. This simple tip can help you create better silhouettes that look incredibly flattering.

Although catwalk models can make it look easy to pull off an outfit that’s either too loose or too tight, it can be challenging for most of us. Of course, experimentalism is key to successful fashion, and you can play around with mixing and matching different silhouettes. However, pairing contrasting fits is a styling tip that has stood the test of time for people of all shapes and sizes.

Don’t forget the accessories

Similar to how makeup is a vital part of your ensemble, you can never afford to skip on the accessories. Without the right jewelry, even the best outfit can seem lackluster and dull. Of course, not every look needs decadent lashings of sparkly necklaces. Instead, opt for eye-catching yet straightforward pieces that complement even the simplest looks. Watches are excellent accessories that you can pair with outfits of all styles. They can go exceptionally well with sporty outfits and look incredibly glamorous when paired with fancier ensembles too.

Furthermore, watches and jewelry are one-time investments that will last you years to come.


Fashion isn’t about focusing on what other people think of your outfit but about being expressive about yourself. Your clothing choices reflect your mood and your personality and let you seek out other like-minded individuals. Fashion is also a way of paying homage to what inspires you, be it something as complex as a novel or a painting, as natural as the weather, or as simple as a feeling. Standout style is just unapologetically being yourself, and these tips will help you do just that.