5 Safety Tips You Should Know for a Gender Reveal Party

Did you or someone you love just find out the gender of a baby? If so, maybe you want to shout the news from the rooftops and we don’t blame you! A great way to announce the sex of your baby is to kick off a sensational gender reveal party.  Gender reveal parties have become a trending tradition because they pose a fun, creative way to celebrate the birth and acknowledge the gender of a new boy or girl in the family.  That said, there are a few things you should know before getting the party started.  Any festivity can be prone to hazards, but you can avoid accidents by paying attention to these simple safety tips for your gender reveal party.

Do Your Planning: Depending on how large or small your gathering will be, give yourself plenty of time to prepare before the event. The more time you prepare, the better your odds will be for a successful, incident-free occasion. Also, consider keeping a notebook or planner to keep all the details of your gender reveal party organized. Have tabs for guests, food selections, decoration ideas, costs, etc. This can be your go-to lifesaver to keep everything orderly for your gender reveal celebration.

Keep it Simple: The more complicated a party is, the more there is room for error or accidents. Not to mention, when details get increasingly complex, things get stressful, and a baby party is no place for anxiety.  Keep the guest list to a minimum, and the arrangements simple. Make the food easy to prepare or better yet, have it catered. If you are preparing the food yourself, follow safety precautions by keeping surfaces, utensils, and your hands clean to avoid contamination. Also, select food choices that won’t spoil in the sun if your party will be held in the summer. The last thing anybody wants is food poisoning when celebrating a new arrival!

Have it Outside: If at all possible, and if the weather permits, it’s best to hold your festivities outside. Hosting a gender reveal event outside gives everyone space to play games, kids are free to run, and it makes cooking and cleaning a lot easier too. There are some very cool party favors and eye-popping gender reveal surprise props that make the event memorable for years to come. Some of these party supplies should only be used outside. Popular gender reveal announcements like a blue smoke bomb make a dramatic and fun statement that says, “Surprise! It’s a boy!” with pizzazz. These flamboyant surprise props are perfectly safe to use as long as precautions are made. Launch them outside in an open area and of course, read all the instructions before setting off any kind of party popper that projects something like confetti or smoke. All this boils down to having fun and making a statement while being smart and keeping everybody safe.

Follow Local Protocols: Before throwing a gender reveal fiesta, it’s important to check your local ordinances and be sure you are complying with regulations for social gatherings in your area. Be sure you are following recommended COVID-19 protocol for your event. While some states have lifted restrictions on the number of guests at social gatherings, it’s a good idea to double-check so you have the most current information about holding a social event in your area. Also, check with your local government website to make sure you are compliant with noise and parking ordinances for your party. Remember, this is supposed to be a time of celebration so the last thing you need is a violation that is sure to crash the party.

Be Prepared: Whether you go big or small for your party, please be aware of safety risks. A little time to double-check the scene of the party for potential hazards or dangers can make a huge difference for your guests’ wellbeing.  Also, keep a first aid kit handy during the party. Have it well stocked with the basic essentials such as bandages, antiseptic solution, insect bite treatment (and repellant, for that matter), and simple analgesics. If you can, think about packing an EpiPen in your first aid kit in case of severe allergic reactions.  

Following these simple preventative measures will give you peace of mind, and allow your party guests to enjoy themselves to the hilt for your gender reveal party. Staying mindful of safety tips for your celebration will make this occasion a tribute to be remembered for the ages!

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