Not all carpets can be cleaned by the same methods. Depending on the type of carpets, a method of cleaning the carpet is chosen. The market is filled with all sorts of different carpet cleaning products like carpet shampoos, pre-sprays, etc. these aid in different types of carpet cleaning methods. Newer forms of carpet cleaning have been introduced and have become quite popular. These methods not just help in cleaning of carpets but help in maintaining the look and feel of the carpet. New age carpet cleaning methods have not only spoilt the client for choices but provided employment to many people.

Following are the various popular carpet cleaning methods:


In the process of steam cleaning water is converted into vapor form. This vapour is then applied to the carpets with the help of certain equipment. When steam comes into contact with the rugs and carpet, grime and debris are automatically detached from the carpets. Steam cleaning is quite popular nowadays. Steam cleaning  has major advantages :

Because of very high temperatures most of the bacteria and viruses are killed on the carpet.

The stain removal due to steam carpet cleaning is the best amongst.

Steam cleaning of carpets does not require any chemicals like shampoos, pre-sprays, etc.

Steam carpet cleaning takes quite some time to dry after every cleaning session.


In dry extraction carpet cleaning method encapsulation carpet cleaning powder or solution is applied to the carpet. This attracts dirt and soil particles crystallizing it. Later on vacuum is used to collect the crystals from the carpet. This method of cleaning carpets  does not use water. Minimum residue is left after every encapsulation cleaning method. Since no water is used this whole process does not take much time.   

Encapsulation method of cleaning carpets has started to become quite popular with the environmentalists because of its no water using policy and low residue after every use.


The main feature of carpet dry cleaning is placing the cleaning powder at the bottom of the carpet using a motorized brush machine. This opens up the carpet fiber and makes the carpet and couch cleaner settle down into it. Dry cleaning of carpets is highly recommended because of its being environmentally safe. Dry cleaning of carpets is ideal for all homes and offices because it takes a very less amount of time for a carpet to be completely cleaned and dried again.


This kind of carpet cleaning method is ideal for removing heavy soil from any carpet. carpet shampoos are quite popular with both cleaning agencies and clients. Although the resulting clean carpets take a lot of time to dry such a carpet cleaning method. The shampoo is rubbed on the surface of the carpet and then scrubbed thoroughly. The tool with which carpets are to be scrubbed should be soft so as to avoid damage of carpet texture especially for wool carpets  

Most cleaners buy carpet shampooers because this is used for all kinds of carpets.    

Carpet cleaning is one of the most important professional services provided by cleaning agencies. New and diverse methods of cleaning carpets have been devised over the years to cater to the needs of customers. Not only do carpet cleaning methods help the customer but also the cleaning agency. Regular deep cleaning sessions make a carpet look newer after every use without damaging the carpet.

Customers usually prefer that cleaning business over others that provides all kinds of 

Cleaning services and quality products.

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