10 Surprising Cleaning Hacks You Should Try Today

Cleaning can be a drag and time consuming. For those with busy lifestyles, trying to find the time to get the household chores done is difficult. More often than not, you’ll be too busy showing up for work for at least nine hours every day, take care of your family, and run other personal errands to the point that you won’t have any time and energy to clean your home. You’ll be surprised how clutter can easily pile up in your home and make the entire space unsanitary!

However, there are ways to make cleaning your home quick and simple. Domestic cleaning service provider, TidyChoice have provided these cleaning hacks, using items you may already have, to ensure your home is spotless in no time!

If you’ve been unsuccessful in balancing your time between your daily responsibilities and thoroughly cleaning different areas of your home, consider the points below as your guides:

1. Descaling Shower Heads

Keep your shower heads looking as good as new with this easy hack. Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and submerge the shower head inside. If it is unremovable, you can use an elastic band to ensure it hangs upon the shower head.

Let it soak in the vinegar for up to 30 minutes and run the water to wash out any lime scale build-up. If grimes are still visible in your showerheads even after soaking it for thirty minutes, opt to soak it overnight. This will enable the vinegar to penetrate inside the different parts of your showerheads and remove dirt build-up. If necessary, scrub with an old toothbrush or rag to remove any remaining lime scale.

2. Picking Up Broken Glass

We all have accidents. Occasionally, you might lose grip of one of your glass tumblers and watch it shatter as it hits the floor. Living with children and pets also increases your chance of breaking fragile items at home. Brushing up the debris can be a task and a half.

If you ever need to clean up broken glass quick, take a slice of bread and press it into the ground. The bread will pick up all small and larger pieces of glass without needing to pull out the dustpan and brush, as well as, avoiding any potential injuries.

Make sure to pick up broken glass as soon as possible. Leaving any shards on the floor can cause accidents and will make it hard for you to locate all of the pieces. The longer you leave these shards on the floor, the more challenging it’ll be for you to collect all of the missing pieces of glass.

3. Cleaning Bathtub Rings and Marks

Bathtub rings and other marks can form over time from a build-up of oils from bath products. They aren’t always nice to look at and can ruin bath time for you and others at home.

Using food you may find in your kitchen, you can clean bathtub rings. Take half of a grapefruit and cover it in salt. Use this to scrub along the marks and watch them vanish under the citrus and salt combination.

4. Smelly Refrigerator?

The fridge can develop an unsatisfactory odour. It’s not the best scenario for when you want to grab a snack. The odor that your fridge produces can be a huge turn-off, especially if you love to invite guests over. Over time, this odor can even rub off on your food, making them less appealing.

This hack will clear the unpleasant odour faster than it formed. Simply, take sheets of the newspaper and distribute them around the refrigerator and over time, the newspaper will absorb the pungent smell, leaving your fridge smelling fresh. You can also use other online resources, such as, to know more options on how you can properly clean your fridge.

5. Making Stainless Steel Stainless Again

Are your stainless steel appliances gathering marks, streaks or fingerprints? Just take a cloth and dab a small amount of olive oil onto it. Use this to wipe down any stainless steel surfaces to make it shiny and true to its name. 

This is a simple chore that can be done within minutes. If you want your stainless-steel furniture or pieces of appliances to shine once again, use this trick as often as possible. After cleaning them with olive oil, your stainless-steel furniture and pieces of appliances will surely look new again!

6. Handy Tip for Removing Pet Hair

We love our furry friends, despite pet hair being a great nuisance. Pet hair can gather all around the household and can be very difficult to properly remove.

A quick and easy way to do this, is by taking a rubber glove and rubbing against any carpets or other surfaces where pet hair may have accumulated. The friction caused by the rubber glove sticks to any hairs which can be later washed or thrown away.

7. Dusting Blinds

Cleaning and dusting blinds can be a tough task due to their odd shape and difficult to reach surface area. To clean blinds efficiently, wear an old sock over your hand and use it to wipe down the dust from each blind slat with one sweep motion. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

8. What do TV Screens and Coffee have in common?

We’re all very hesitant to wipe down TV screens, monitors and other electronics using regular cleaning products due to the fear of liquid damage. Your morning cup of coffee could be the solution.

Wipe down any electronics screens or monitors like the TV and your smartphone using a coffee filter. The filter is perfect for catching any dust on the screen without leaving any wet marks and potentially damaging the electronics.

9. Cleaning Chopping Boards is ‘Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!’

Chopping boards are very often used in the kitchen for those who cook regularly at home. Such constant use can gather filth from various foods.

To clean chopping boards, sprinkle a handful of salt over and using half a lemon, scrub against the chopping board mixing the lemon juices and salt together. Once a slight paste forms between the citrus and salt, leave for a few minutes and rinse under hot water for a clean and fresh-smelling chopping board.

10. Brush your Keyboard instead of your Teeth

With society becoming increasingly digital, a lot, if not all, of our work, studies and daily tasks require the use of a computer. This means that our keyboards can become quite dirty and need a delicate way of being cleaned.

You can do this with a new and clean toothbrush. The fine bristles of a toothbrush can get in between and under the keys and remove any crumbs or dirt.

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