Deja Vu: 4 Theories Explain This Mysterious Phenomenon

I hate this spooky experience. It happened to me hundreds of times.

I always panic because once I’ve read that the déjà vu is the first alert to a brain disorder.

The concern went so far that I even went on a couple of sessions with a psychologist to bring a point out of this.

Don’t worry. Everything is fine with me. It was a period when I was shifting my life and focusing on bringing new decisions.

It’s a mind game you won’t want to play. Not that it’s something dangerous, probably, but you need to know what you are dealing with.

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The déjà vu is “seen” for thousands of years, but it’s still unclear what leads to it.

I’ve heard doctors say that it’s a sudden thought that travels in micro-seconds. It can’t be tested because it’s gone in a blink of an eye.

The four theories you are going to see below try to bring the phenomenon closer to you.

It will make you accept the déjà vu with an open mind without you freaking out about it.

Here we go:

  1. A Glitch

Have you watched the movie “Matrix”?

The glitch in the matrix theory was proposed in 1977 by Philip K. Dick.


  1. Tuning Fork Phenomenon

According to The Spiritual Research Foundation, 50% of all déjà vu situations are caused by this “Tuning Fork Phenomenon”.

What is that?

The tuning fork phenomenon happens when the frequencies released by a person’s mind match the rate of minds of other individuals in the afterlife.

When it comes to humans, these rates come in the form of mental, intellectual, gross, and subtle-ego bodies.

Every person has a unique frequency, but sometimes it can happen two or more of them to sync up. The result is déjà vu.

The human feels the emotions of the other person so active that causes the feeling like you’ve seen or been in the same situation before.

  1. The Parallel Universe Theory

The theory that many people enjoy talking about. It’s about the parallel universe. It’s a possibility that there is an alternate universe, but nothing is for sure now.

Déjà vu happens when the other worlds overlap with our universe and you and your double version doing the same things.

  1. Your Brain Doing a Regular Self-Check Up

According to the researchers from the University of St. Andrews, your brain is doing a self-check of its memory system that sometimes results with déjà vu.

They performed a test on a few individuals presenting them with a couple of words.

For example, the scientists gave them the words “bed, pillow, dream, and night. They left out the crucial word here, and that is “sleep”.

After this, they asked them what were the words they heard. All of them said they heard the word “sleep.”

The thought of hearing this word was accompanied by eerie sensation called déjà vu.

There you have it. A few theories that partially explain the phenomenon. Which approach seems the most legit for you?

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