Custom Features That Will Make Your Home Shine

When you’re building or renovating your dream home, adding custom features can make your house feel special, unique, and homey. These features can even add value to your home if you sell it in the future. Everyone is attracted to custom, well-designed, useful home features over generic homes that look just like every other house on the block. Here are some of our favorite ideas for custom home features.

Built-in Fireplace

A built-in fireplace adds an ambiance and atmosphere to rooms in a way that no other feature can. Whether you add a fireplace in a traditional room, such as your family or living room, or use it in a more unusual setting, such as a bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen, there is nothing cozier and homier than a crackling fire. If you aren’t up for the mess and maintenance of a wood fireplace, use a gas or electric one for the same effect and heat without the hassle.

Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor area is a great way to add value to your home, and this includes both the financial and personal value of the room. Having a space that you love and that encourages your family to get outside and spend time together may be the biggest benefit of all. An outdoor kitchen with a cooking area, dining area, and perhaps some entertainment like a fire pit, fireplace, speakers, and a TV can be a place the whole family enjoys.

Custom Vent Hood

Custom range hoods are a lovely and practical way to add an eye-catching focal point to your kitchen design. A beautiful and well-made vent hood not only ensures safe, clean air in your room but also becomes a centerpiece for your whole design. A statement piece of hammered copper, shiny chrome, or earthy wood can bring the whole room together.

Custom Island

Creating a custom built-in island is a great addition to your kitchen. By designing the island for your family’s needs and desires, you will create a gathering place for your children, a great spot for homework or evening chats, and a beautiful focal point for the room. Consider adding custom touches like built-in cookbook shelves, a raised island with plenty of seating, extra-large cupboards for those hard-to-store items, and snack cubbies for hungry teens.

Custom Closet

A custom-designed walk-in closet is part of many people’s dream houses. Consult with a designer or organizer to learn about the many options for this space. A walk-in closet with custom shelves, rods, cubbies, and drawers can add value to the home and increase your enjoyment of your home. A well-organized room is a delight, especially if that room is a storage room or closet. With a walk-in closet, you won’t need to have extra dressers and shelves cluttering up your bedroom, and it will become the peaceful and tiny space you dream of.

Built-in Window Seat

A built-in window seat for reading, gazing outside, or sipping your morning coffee? That sounds like the perfect addition to a dream house. A built-in window seat with cubbies, bookshelves, or under-seat storage can work well in a bedroom, sitting room, or large kitchen. With cushions and pillows scattered across the top, it will be everyone’s favorite seat in the house.

Shower Room

Shower rooms are becoming more common and desirable in modern houses. A shower room is a room with a naturally incorporated shower area that isn’t separated from the rest of the room with glass or tile walls. A small wall or piece of glass can be used to visually divide the area, but usually, the shower is open to the rest of the room. The toilet and vanity are often located in another room, and in many cases, multiple showerheads and rainfall shower systems are installed to create a spa-like effect.

Custom Appliances

Custom appliances are a great way to make a statement in your kitchen. Whether they are designed to match your cabinets, have custom handles, or are recreated vintage pieces, you can expect to have many admiring comments about a feature so unusual and striking.

Custom Stairs

Custom stairs are striking and eye-catching and a great way to bring an unusual touch to an area that is normally generic in most houses. While custom stairs can be dramatic and may be worth the money to many people, this feature may need to be designed by an architect or engineer for safety and may be expensive. It may also only be available in new or gutted homes, rather than in remodels.

Dog Wash Station

Adding a dog wash station to your laundry room is a very practical feature that you, your children, and future home buyers or guests are all likely to appreciate- even If your dog doesn’t! Build your built-in dog wash station with a raised tub area, sprayers, and high walls to protect you