Compensation for significant injuries

Injuries are almost always unexpected and might result in major traumas. Even if the injuries you have been suffering do not inhibit your capacity to perform daily exercises, it is quite common for these injuries to evolve into more severe ones. Therefore, immediate medical aid is mandatory to have your injuries evaluated. Severe and non-minor injuries might lead to lose your income or health and decrease your life standards temporarily or permanently. You may be eligible to compensate for your loss and sufferings both for replacing your monetary loss and secure your future if your injuries are more than minor injuries. Personal injury situations should be handled by professionals to ensure your suffering is relieved. If you are suffering which occurred in your workplace, in public property or motor vehicle accident, you may be entitled to receive compensation for injuries.

Injuries occurred in the workplace

If you are a worker that is injured in a workplace or injured in the course of employment, you may be entitled to claim workers compensation. Workers compensation supports the injured workers with weekly payments, medical expenses, new employment assistance payments and lump sum compensation. If you have permanent impairment due to a work-related accident, you may be awarded a lump sum payment for your physical injuries with a degree of 11% or greater. Lump sum payment can also be awarded for your primary psychological injuries with a degree of 15% or greater.

The good thing about workers compensation claims is you can be professionally represented by a workers compensation lawyer approved by Workers Compensation Independent Review Office free of charge. WIRO approved lawyers will not charge you for anything and cover your disbursements.

Compensation for injuries in public places

No matter if your injuries occurred in a parking lot, in a shopping centre, in a museum or in a house party, you may be eligible to receive public liability compensation depending on the assessment of your injuries and the situation. It must be proven that the injuries arose due to the recklessness of the keeper of the place.

You may be eligible to compensate your economic and non-economic loss with payments for medical expenses, loss of income for past and future, necessary travel expenditures to and from the appointments (might even include accommodation) and lump sum payment for economic loss is your ability to earn is reduced non-economic loss which is usually referred as pain & suffering. Lump sum compensation may be awarded to those with a non-economic loss with at least 15% of the most extreme case.

Compensation for motor vehicle injuries

Motor vehicle owners all over in Australia should buy a Compulsory Third-Party Insurance to be eligible to have their vehicles registered. CTP (Compulsory Third Party), which is also known as a Green Slip, has a sole purpose to protect injured people in an event of a motor vehicle accident. Ranging from passengers to pedestrians, cyclists to drivers, almost every vehicle with a transport purpose is may be covered with their medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses and on some occasions, lump sum payment. The extent of motor accident compensation depends on the degree of faultiness and circumstances. However, the party at fault may also benefit from weekly income support payments for 6 months.

If the accident resulted in severe injuries and impairment, lump sum payment for physical and psychological injuries may be awarded for those who are not wholly at fault. Lump sum payment for pain & suffering can be paid for permanent impairment with a degree of more than 10%.

Do I need a lawyer to claim compensation?

Personal injury lawyers in Australia have great expertise in similar cases, therefore, they will evaluate your situation and act with a great commitment to maximise the compensation that will relieve your pain. Individual representations might end up with under compensation due to lack of knowledge. Personal injury claims are serious cases that should be handled by professionals to avoid any adverse outcomes in the result of the case. Lawyers acting on no win no fee basis are confident of their backgrounds on personal injury claims and guarantee you that you will not be charged for anything if the case is lost.

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