How To Apply A Bandage and Treat Injuries Properly

If you spend much time in the kitchen like I do, these finger injuries are nothing new for you.

I’m a great cook, but sometimes the knife gets the best of me when it goes through the skin.

The blood pops up right away as you are searching for that bandage.

You probably know how to apply it. But do you do that efficiently?

Having these kinds of injuries is a nightmare. Especially if you cut your finger at a very unpleasant place.

There are lots of problems with one simple cut. There is blood coming out like you’ve cut through the main artery. Sometimes the bandage is too small and doesn’t cover the whole cut.

You can’t cover the knuckles and band-aids fall off since you keep bending them.

It’s a nightmare.

The video below will point out all the problems you could have while putting a band-aid on these areas. It will teach you how to completely cover all kinds of injuries and more.

Take a look.

Even now when you know how to use a bandage the right way, please be careful and stay away from injuries as much as possible.

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