CHOOSING YOUR WEDDING RINGS ALL OVER AGAIN – 3 tips for getting it right the second time.

If you could choose your wedding ring all over again, what would you go for?

Wanting to know if it’s okay to pick a wedding ring a second time is one question many married people ponder about. Does it in any way invalidate the vows you and your partner made when you both said: “I do”? Or does it take away the sacredness of what you both have shared after years of commitment and exclusivity?

Many factors can influence your desire to get new sets of wedding rings, even after many years of being married. Your initial wedding ring haunting may have been short, hence not giving you time to scout for what really resonates with your heart. It may have been on a strict budget, stopping you from getting the custom-made .75 carats diamond wedding ring you always dreamt of. 

Or perhaps they were not your perfect fit, but you just had to use them anyway. Whatever the reason, if you wish to start all over with your wedding bands, there is a right way to do it and make sure that your rings remain a part of your lives forever.  Below, we give you three tips on how to achieve choosing your wedding bands afresh.

Are you ready for a fresh start? Let’s get to it!

Consider Your Personality

Are you boisterous with a flair for shiny things and will prefer having a huge rock on your finger? Or will you rather a simple but classic band decorated with tiny diamonds?  This opportunity to choose your ring over again is an opportunity to go for something that makes you happy and gives you peace, so go for something that rhymes with your lifestyle and persona.  

Be Generous

While you do not have to max out your credit cards, empty your pockets or rob a bank, the wedding ring department is a splurge-worthy one. You do not want to go for the overly cheap as you may end up regretting it due to the inferior and substandard quality such rings may come in.

Target what you can comfortably afford and give yourself a treat. If this piece of jewelry will not be going anywhere soon, it has to be nothing but the best, like the Collection of Hebrew wedding bands with engraved Hebrew words and phrases – hello Jewish faithfuls!

Consider Your Engagement Ring

If you still wear your engagement ring and plan to stack it on your wedding band or vice versa, then both your wedding and engagement rings need to complement each other in metals, style, and stones.  If your engagement ring is extravagant, then go for a simple pavé wedding band.  You may match the stones’ shapes and colors in both or pair different shades of the same metal like a rose gold engagement ring and a white gold wedding band. It’s all about creating a balanced harmony.


Wedding rings are several things –they are a symbol of the heartfelt vows sworn by spouses at their wedding ceremony. But above all, they represent a couple’s intentions, commitment, and love for themselves.  And so it is worth the stress, dedication, and planning like the wedding ceremony itself – it is worth getting right. With these tips, you can bet to get it right and have no need to change your bands a third time.

We wish you bliss – in love, in marriage, and in rings.

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