The new trend of wedding ring

Immediately, the ‘Golden September and Silver October’ wedding season is coming, and many couples are preparing to hold hands to the marriage hall, and various wedding matters are also in good order. But the most important one is that it will make it difficult for many newcomers to decide, that is, the wedding ring.

It is natural to say that the importance of a wedding ring to a new couple, which is not only a testimony of two people entering the marriage hall, but also a commitment to both parties. When you choose a wedding ring, most of the time you will choose a diamond. After all, the tradition of diamonds as a wedding ring has already been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. But in recent years, many celebrities and royalty members have chosen fancy gems as their own engagement cheap promise rings or wedding rings, which has attracted the attention of most people and set off the trend of colored gems as wedding rings.

Speaking of the fancy gem ring, the most well-known may be the sapphire ring of Princess Kate and Prince William.
Princess Kate and Prince William
This ring was when Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married, and Diana personally picked it out from the ring provided by Garrard. Prince William now wears his mother’s love in the hands of his wife, in such a way to connect the two most special people in his life.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles
Coincidentally, when the Greek Crown Prince Pavlos proposed to Marie-Chantal Miller in Switzerland, he also used home-made sapphire and heart-shaped cut diamonds on the monogram ring.

The engagement ring of the Spanish actress Penelope Cruz is quite similar to that of Princess Kate. It also uses oval sapphire as the main stone, surrounded by a circle of splints, showing a classical beauty and gorgeous atmosphere without lossing of grace.

In addition, Hollywood famous actress Elizabeth Hurley also adopted sapphire as her wedding ring.

Sarah Ferguson
Ruby is also a wedding gem with a very high appearance of fancy gemstones. Prince Andrew’s proposal to marry Sarah Ferguson with a Garrard ruby ​​ring set off a wave of English ruby ​​engagement rings. It is said that this special color was chosen to match her red-hot hair.

Jessica Simpson
Eric Johnson also chose Tiffany & Co ruby ring when he proposed to Jessica Simpson in 2010, because Jessica’s birthday is July 10, and ruby ​​is the birthstone of July.

Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria’s engagement ring is a combination of ruby ​​and diamonds. It is warm and gorgeous. It not only sets off Eva’s wheat-colored skin, but also expresses her warm and sexy temperament like a Latin girl thoroughly.

Ashlee Simpson
Ashlee Simpson’s 5-carat vintage engagement ring comes from the Neil Lane brand. The base of the material is platinum, and the ring face is surrounded by 140 white diamonds and some columns of rubies around the main drill.

Emerald as a wedding ring originated from “Don’t love country but love beauty” Edward VIII and Mrs. Simpson. Their wedding ring is a 19.77-carat emerald ring that reads: “We are ours now27 X 36.” The figure behind is the abbreviation of Edward’s date of marriage, October 27, 1936.

There are also emerald wedding friendship rings in the stars. For example, in 2012, Harry Berry received the 4-carat emerald ring from French actor Olivier Martinez.

Olivia Wilde’s wedding ring is also related to emeralds, her wedding ring is wrapped in white diamonds with an emerald outer ring, vintage and shines, as Olivia Wilde herself said, this ring let her think of her eyes, so charming and sweet.

The sexy supermodel Elena Shayk and Bradley Cooper’s engagement ring is an emerald-stone, diamond-set ring that looks a bit like Princess Carter’s sapphire engagement ring, a mysterious emerald hides Elena’s sexy and looks more mature and stable.

In addition to these, there are many fancy gemstones to choose from, such as tourmaline, tanzanite, gold and green gemstone, opal, etc. These gemstones have a good meaning and beautiful appearance, not inferior to traditional diamonds wedding ring.

Therefore, you can not limit yourself to the choice of diamonds. These beautiful fancy gemstones can also be witnesses to your marriage, and can show your personality more. It can also reflect your uniqueness. Are you feeling attractive?

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