Will May Have Down Syndrome But His Father Gave Him The Ability To Fly

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that causes developmental delays, intellectual disability and also causes development of distinct facial features, not to mention the associated heart and thyroid diseases. In short it is a difficult disorder, that can be hard for the parent and the child. With today’s technology it is possible to detect Down syndrome early in … Read more

These Kids Were Asked What they Think About their Moms. Adorable and Emotional!

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10 Useful Parenting Tips to Help You Create Unbreakable Relationship With Your Kids

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12 Fun Family Projects And Activities With Cookie Sheets

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Sign Language Alphabet With Cute Illustrations Perfect For Kids

Learning sign language can be a bit difficult, especially for a young child. Thankfully there are artists that understand the struggles of those with hearing and speech impairment and are willing to help in their small, creative way, like this adorable illustrations added to the sign language alphabet. A Is For Apple B Is For Bear … Read more