Professors Say That Strict Mothers Have More Successful Children

Strict mothers or moms who have their principles are those who can raise successful children. At least this is what the professors say. Let’s take you for a minute.

Can you say that you are successful right now?

Let’s think about the times when you were a little girl. Did your mother order you to clean your room, do the homework, read books, and focus on your future every single day?

If the answer is yes, then you need to call her right now and thank her for the effort she was putting in you to become what you are today.

One expert wanted to find the connection in this and started exploring how strict mothers lead to more successful children.

Erica Rascon is a professor at the University of Essex. Her study shows strict mothers can raise successful kids. She even explored the situation from grown-ups’ perspective. The successful people had very highly demanding mothers.

I know how it was back then. Listening go your parents was everything.

The study analyzed more than 15,000 children aged 13-14 between 2004 and 2010. Rascon said:

“The measure of the expectations in this study reflects a combination of aspirations and beliefs about the likelihood of access to higher education declared by the majority of parents, in most cases the mother.”

It’s the result that got me amazed.

Daughters who had these strict mothers showed 4% lower chances of getting pregnant prematurely. Kids with persistent parents enjoy bigger percentage to finish college and get an excellent job.

“In many cases, we have success doing what they believe to be most convenient for us, even against our parents. “But no matter how much we esmeremos to avoid our parents, any recommendations form influence, albeit subtly in the decisions we make, but we believe that they are extremely personal”, says Rascon.

STOP right here. This doesn’t mean that you need to force your kid and beat him to make him listen. You need to be the example for them. Talk to them. See what they think for this or that. Study with them. Show them real life examples and have your principles.

That’s how you are going to make them listen. You will be a strict mother, but your kids will respect you growing.

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