Casual Outfits: 25 Practical & Amazing Ideas [For Women]

21. The “Look At My Bag” Look

That’s a fine bag. It matches my green blazer perfectly and just looks how the sunglasses connect with my shoes. I can call this “the power girl” wear or “the best of the best” casual outfits

22. The “Thursday” Look

Wednesday was bad and everyone loves Friday. But, Thursday is my day and I dress up like this so I can show my colleagues that we have things to do although the weekend is coming up.

23. The “On a train” Look

If I were in a movie and I was playing the role of a busy girl that every morning takes the train to work, this would be my casual outfit. I love the green pants. I’m buying this outfit for me ASAP.

24. The “Tourist” Look

Or in other words, this can easily go under the “casual outfits for teenage girl” category. Every time I want to feel young again or when I am a tourist and visiting a foreign country, I’ll go with a combination like this. 


What do you think about the casual outfits above?

Pic Credits to : Unsplash

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