Casual Outfits: 25 Practical & Amazing Ideas [For Women]

6. The “Milano” Look

I went on a shopping in Milan. (I haven’t been there but this is my fantasy so bear with me) The first day I was rocking my casual Vans and a backpack. Then I saw what the Italian ladies wear during the day and I got inspired. This is what I was wearing the second day. I fell in love with the “secretive” Italian streets.

7. The “Fashion Blogger” Look

If I was a fashion blogger, this is something that I would wear if they invite me for an interview or some “secret” fashion project.

8. The “Agency Life” Look

I always wanted to work in a creative agency in… let’s say…New York. I’m sure that my colleagues will be all dressed up for work so I would probably want to be on that level, wearing stylish clothes. This will be my style.

9. The “Rome” Outfit

I actually visited rome in 2015. It was spring. I love spring and the spring outfit. Picture this: sun, tiny espresso, the smell of flowers and the noise from the people and the Italian scooters in the background while you enjoy your afternoon with the man of your dreams. This white shoes are awesome for shopping btw. 🙂

10. The “Monday” Look

This is the combination of clothes that I would wear if I was a person that doesn’t hate Mondays. LOL The loose shirt just shows how much Monday is scared of me instead of vice-versa. Right?

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