Bun in the Oven: 5 Proven Tips to Get Pregnant Faster

Did you know that 86% of women have children by the time they’re 46 years old?

Thanks to improvements in infertility treatments, women who aspire to become moms have much more time to get pregnant. Whether you’re a young adult or an older woman with an established career, only you can tell when you’re ready to start a family. Do you have baby fever and you want to learn how to get pregnant fast? Read on so you can gather the greatest tips to get pregnant fast.

1. Get a Checkup Before You Start Trying to Get Pregnant Fast

It’s always a good idea to seek out women’s health services before you start trying to conceive. This visit will give you peace of mind that you’re healthy and everything is working as it should.

Your doctor can also recommend prenatal vitamins that you can take during this time so that your baby can have all the nutrients they need from day one.

2. Use a Handy App That Can Track Your Menstrual Cycle

Are you wondering if there are any pills to get pregnant fast? The truth is that the most effective thing you can do is familiarize yourself with your menstrual cycle.

The good news is that there are tons of apps out there that do all of the work for you. Once you know when you’re ovulating, you can pay extra attention to your bedroom time.

3. Relax in Bed for 15 Minutes After Sex

We’ve all seen whacky movies where women throw their legs into the air after sex because they want to get pregnant. This position won’t increase your odds any more than just lying in bed normally.

Peeing after sex is crucial for preventing health problems, but try to wait 15 minutes before you go to the bathroom.

4. Look After Your Physical and Mental Health

You might be disappointed to learn that there are no magical foods to get pregnant faster. However, maintaining a healthy diet can boost your overall well-being.

You should also adopt an active lifestyle and set aside plenty of time to care for your mental health each day.

5. Don’t Take Too Many Pregnancy Tests

Trying for a baby is super exciting, but taking too many pregnancy tests can sabotage your efforts. If you end up getting a lot of negative tests, then your emotions can spiral.

Stress wreaks havoc on your reproductive health, so try to limit yourself to taking a pregnancy test when your period is at least a day late.

Now You Know the Top Ways to Get Pregnant Fast

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by all kinds of emotions if you’ve decided that you want to get pregnant fast. After reading this guide on how to get pregnant fast, you can take on each day with confidence and work toward accomplishing your goal.

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