Brides: What to Ask at Your Alteration Appointment

As you prepare for your wedding, you want to make sure that everything is going to be perfect. You have a dress that needs to be altered to fit you right, and you are going to need extra work done on that dress if you purchased a low cost one simply to save money on your wedding. No matter how much you spent on your wedding dress and how much you like that dress, it is important for you to take it in for it to be altered and for you to know what to ask when you do that.

Before Your Appointment, Ask What You Should Bring with You:

You do not want to show up at your wedding dress altering only to find that you should have brought different underwear with you. Before you go to your appointment, talk with the one who will be altering your dress and see what they want you to wear and bring with you. They might ask you to dress in the underthings that you will be wearing on your wedding day, or they might ask you to bring along the shoes that you have picked out for walking down the aisle.

Ask How Long the Alteration Appointment Will Take:

If you are hard pressed for time, you need to know how long you should expect the alteration appointment to take. You need to know how much time you should set aside to be measured and looked at.

Ask How Long It Will be Before the Alterations are Complete:

You need to have the dress ready for your wedding day, but you probably want the dress to be done sometime before that day, too. Ask the one who will be working on your dress how long they expect things to take and when you will be able to come by and pick up that dress.

Ask How Much You Will Spend on the Alterations:

The price that you pay to have your dress altered is going to add on to the price that you have already paid to purchase your dress. Whether you bought the dress online or in person, whether you got a good deal on it or not, you need to know how much the alterations are going to cost so that you can know how much your overall dress budget is going to need to be.

Ask for a Sketch of How Things Will Look:

If you can have an idea of how your dress is going to look, you will be able to wait patiently for your alteration work to be completed. Ask the one who will be working on your dress to give you a sketch of the work that they will be doing. This is especially important when you are having your dress customized in big ways.

Before Deciding Who to Hire, Ask to Hear About Work Each Person Has Done:

If you haven’t decided who you are going to have work on your dress, see if you can get examples of the work done by different seamstresses in your area. Look for someone who is experienced and who will fit your dress for you without ruining it.

You Can Have Your Wedding Dress Perfectly Altered and Ready for Your Big Day:

It is important for you to figure out where your dress needs to be changed so that it will fit well. Know what you want done to the dress before you meet up with an alteration team, and make sure that those you hire are ready to get everything done as you imagine it.