Best Reverse Osmosis water filter Reviews

There are people who search for the best reverse osmosis water filter. Let’s admit that even water from the clean water companies can be unconvincing enough. Maybe the amount of chlorine is just too much. Maybe the water somewhat smells bad and there are a lot of other reasons to doubt the hygiene of water. A system to filter the water and purify it further is needed in order to ensure the supply of truly good and consumable water. Hence the reverse osmosis filter is being offered alongside the other option of water purification system. Finding the best might not be easy because of the many options.

What is Reverse Osmosis Water Filter?

Reverse osmosis water filter is known as a kind of water filter that will use a reverse osmosis system. Reverse osmosis or also referred as RO is known as a process to deionized or demineralized water. The water will be pushed under a pressure through the semipermeable RO membrane. Osmosis is actually a natural process and known as one very important natural process. The example of osmosis is how plant roots absorb water from soil or how kidneys absorb water from blood. Water filter with this system will be able to filter water further and leave no contaminants within the water.

How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

Before choosing a good water filter with a reverse osmosis system, it is a natural thing to question how reverse osmosis works. The way it works is actually simple and consists of only three steps; the water feeding, water filtration and the final result. First, the desalinated water (salt water) will need to be pumped in high pressure and forced to go through the semipermeable membrane. This one membrane is known as the filter that will ensure that only the deionized water will pass through it. This membrane will detect the contaminants of the water and won’t let it pass.

The water that has been demineralized or deionized and going through the semipermeable membrane will be referred to as permeable water. Fresh water has a very low level of salt and contaminants. Meanwhile, the water that cannot get passed through the semipermeable membrane will be referred to as concentrated water or reject water. This water is filled with contaminants and thus it gets flushed out. The process of filtration will be finished when there is no longer water pumped and need to be filtered. Each unit of reverse osmosis system will have different capacity that needs to be checked prior to a purchase.

Top 6 Osmosis Systems Reviewed

  • Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact

Tap Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact

A lot of people prefer to have practical placement of their water filter. Therefore, a water filtration system that can be easily installed and easily used will be wanted by a lot of people. This is also an apparent reason why the water filtration units meant for home are made to be rather simple and easy to be used.

Home Master TMAFC is known as one of the great RO water filtration systems meant for home usage. The unit is designed for easy assembly and easy part replacements. One unit comes with a small water tank, a set of filters and a water pump. The unit is claimed to be capable of removing chemicals or contaminants in the water for up to 98%. In addition to that, users of this RO system will be able to get additional supply of minerals such as calcium.

  • Home Master TMULTRA ULTRA

Tap Master TMULTRA ULTRA Reverse Osmosis System

Another reverse osmosis water filtration system to be considered is Home Master TMULTRA. Yes, this comes from Home Master as well. At a glance, this water filtration system looks similar to the Artesian unit (the one previously mentioned). However, when one takes a look at it closer, there is a slight difference that can be found. That difference is one of the filters.

This one unit uses UV filters as a way to completely destroy the microorganism within water guaranteeing the water quality to be at its best. The filters also include IRON pre filter that will be able to protect the filter and make it last for a longer time. Just like the Artesian unit, this unit can be easily assembled and replacing parts won’t be difficult either. The filters will last for a long time as well and are approximately able to last for one year or after filtering 2,000 gallons of water before they need to be changed.

  • iSpring RCC7 75GPD RO System

iSpring 75GPD Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse osmosis system for home usage has become a popular thing wanted by many. There is no wonder that more companies can be found popping out and offering their own RO systems. Amongst the many options, there is iSpring 75GPD RO system being offered by iSpring.

As a reverse osmosis system meant for home, this one unit is designed for easy installation. The size is ideal for the water filtration unit to be put inside of a kitchen counter (the place where water will be used for drinking or cooking). It has effective technology that is claimed to reject about 99% contaminants in the water through five stages of water filtration. The filters are designed to have see-through parts for easy control over filters. Every part of the unit is made with premium materials in order to guarantee great performance and solid construction. Every part can be easily replaced without sweating.

  • iSpring RCC7AK RO System

iSpring RCC7AK Reverse Osmosis System

Another good set of reverse osmosis water filtration system is offered by iSpring again. This one is certainly different from the previous one because it offers size stages of water filtration unlike the previous that only offers five stages. Although it is different, the overall design is relatively similar to one another making it easy to mistake this one with the RCC7 75GPD unit.

The six stages of water filtration in iSpring RCC7AK include the extra filtration that will purify and refine the minerals within the water. The system is claimed to be able to remove 99% of contaminants in the water. Drugs, fluorine, chlorine, fertilizer and others will be wiped almost entirely. The water produced will be fresh and with healthier minerals as well. As installation is made to be easy, there is no need to call for professional help. The same goes for replacing parts, it will be easy as well.

  • Watts WP5-50 Premier

Watts WP5-50 Premier

Another good RO water filtration system to be considered is this one unit from Watts. At a glance, this one unit looks bland and simply but behind its simplicity, there is powerful performance to filter out the harmful contaminants from water. Watts WP5-50 offers five stages of water filtration claimed to be able to remove almost all of contaminants. It is an effective reverse osmosis system with 3-years of warranty. It is easy to be installed and more than capable of providing clean and healthy water for the entire family. It is a must have item for the real healthy water supply at home.

  • Hydro-Logic 31040 Stealth-RO200

Hydro-Logic 31040 Stealth-RO200

The last reverse osmosis water filtration unit to be considered is this one from Hydrologic. Taking a glance at the unit, it looks very simple and practical. It has the most practical design that people can easily see that installation won’t be difficult. There is a set of metal brackets included to make the installation even easier. It is claimed to be capable of removing about 98% contaminants from the water while being able to keep the wastes 25% lower compared to the other units.  Hydro-Logic 31040 is claimed to be able to filter about 200 gallons of water every day.

Reverse Osmosis System Maintenance

One must not forget that the reverse osmosis system needs to be taken care of properly. Maintenance will need to be done especially when it comes to filters. The filters in every unit of RO water filtration will be the ones working really hard every day in order to get the cleaner and healthier water. The need of replacing filters will be different because every user filter different amounts of water every day. Therefore, it is always the best thing to regularly check the filters and make sure if they can still be used or even need to be replaced. Many RO home system manufacturers offer the ease in replacing filters and that’s a good thing. More hints