How to Make My Hair Healthier

Nothing can ruin a fine day more than bad hair. Frankly, it’s common to have more bad hair days as opposed to good ones. A poll went as far as to prove that nearly 74% of women lose their confidence when their hair is in bad shape, and we can relate. 

The problem lies in the pollutants in our environment, unhealthy diet and some improper habits. Your hair is frequently prone to damage from frizz, breakage, dryness, thinning, and dullness, but many things cause this.

However, while we cannot promise a shortcut to success, we can surely help you make healthy tweaks to your hair care regime. In due time, your hair will turn healthier than before. 

  1. Use DHT Vitamins

The first good thing to do for your hair health is to use DHT vitamins. These help block dihydrotestosterone production in your body, the culprit hormone that miniaturizes your hair follicles and promotes hair loss. 

When DHT vitamins block this hormone in your body, your hair thinning stops, and strands tend to improve in health from inside and out. Find a good DHT vitamin to experience the best results, or consult your doctor for prescriptions. 

  1. Incorporate a Hair Mask

You need to include a hair mask treatment in your routine. Even one of two hair masks in a week will replenish and pamper the dull and weak strands. DIY hair masks are the most comfortable, most pocket-friendly, and practical because of the natural ingredients. 

They hydrate and moisturize your hair, keep brittleness and dryness away and restore the shine of your locks. 

  1. Brush Your Hair before a Head Shower

This is something most of us neglect to do, simply out of laziness or perhaps unawareness. You’re surely aware of how wet hair is more prone to breakage; hence entangling them to your best before a shower is crucial. 

All it takes is sixty seconds or less, but your strands remain healthy with this habit for long. Brushing out your locks just before the shower will untangle the knots and distribute the natural oils. Once your hair dries, you’ll find it smoother and more ready for styling. 

  1. Increase the Protein Level

One of the most influential factors in scalp and hair health is a well-balanced diet. Your hair is mostly protein, so giving it a solid protein diet is only right. You need to ensure you consume at least 45 grams of protein daily. For this, try eating more of:

  • Eggs
  • Low-fat dairy products
  • Beans
  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Lean meat
  1. Go for Sulfate-free Shampoo

It is never wise to trust a hair product blindly, most especially shampoos. You must read the labels to be aware of what it contains because every ingredient and chemical significantly impact your hair. You probably don’t know that your drugstore brand shampoo has sulfate content in it because you never read the label. 

Sulfate shampoos feel sudsy and friendly, but in the long run, the sulfate in there strips your hair of its natural oils and turns it brittle and dry. If you want the shiniest, healthiest hair possible, then get rid of all sulfate-laden hair products. 

  1. Condition the Right Way

Only those who have extraordinary hair length can be an exception to this rule; otherwise, a nickel-size conditioner drop suffices for most sizes and textures. Also, applying the conditioner appropriately is just as important.

You should begin applying from your mid-shaft till the ends and then work your upwards to your scalp. This way, your scalp gets the hydration it needs too. Simultaneously, try not to leave the conditioner on for more than a minute on your hair before you wash it out. 

Those in the habit of using dry shampoo excessively should especially note this down. 

  1. Use Heat Protectants Before Styling

If you plan on giving your hair some heat styling, then do remember to use a heat protectant beforehand. A natural one is the best option, but protectants are extremely important. They envelop your strands in a protective barrier against the heat and reduce the amount of damage the tools undoubtedly cause. 

  1. Look for More Healthier Ingredients

The endless array of hair care products in supermarket aisles is downright baffling. It is tough to choose the best product for healthy hair because how do you know which works better? In this case, the best products for you to pick are those that contain certain key ingredients.

These include aloe, argan oil, coconut oil, spirulina, etc., because they strengthen and nourish your hair from roots to tip. Natural ingredients are always far better than the chemical-infused ones who do more long-term damage for temporary shine and volume. 

  1. Zinc

Are you aware of how vital zinc is for your hair health? Zinc plays a significant role in keeping your mane healthy and prevent shedding. You can include rich sources of zinc in your diet to combat shedding, such as almonds, cashews, pecans, walnuts, brazil nuts, etc. 

Also, consume the following in abundance:

  • Drink sufficient filtered and clean water
  • Eat lots of leafy greens
  • Fruits 
  • Vegetables
  1. Daily Scalp Massage

This is the easiest way to enhance your hair health. All it takes is massaging your scalp for at least ten to fifteen minutes daily, but the benefits are far more prominent. Even a dry massage works wonders because it boosts your blood circulation in the scalp and stimulates cells. 

It also helps your hair to grow faster and more robust. All you need to do is massage your entire scalp gently daily but try incorporating some essential oil once or twice a week for added benefits.

Final Thoughts

Our hair health depends on many factors, including a balanced diet, limiting color and hot treatments, and good practices. Simple habits such as a daily scalp massage, brushing your hair before shower, and sure others can boost your locks’ health and keep them healthy and shining for long.