Best Impact Drivers For Women

Until 20 years ago, it was expected that Mama would have a man to make her home improvements.

Sure, Mama could subscribe to Southern Living and watch Martha Stewart. But heaven help us all if she picked up a hammer.

Now, with HGTV and Pinterest, we’re seeing more moms be empowered to change their environments. Don some safety Goggles and grab that sledgehammer, because we’re about to Pinterest this place!

With that in mind, more and more women are shopping for power tools and making that buying decision that used to only be in the “man’s domain.”

Which is why more women are researching tools to find the best ones for them. Women have different priorities than men in their tool shopping. While men are worried about “how much power does this tool have?” Women tend to be concerned with “how precise is it?” or “how ergonomic is it?”

For this article, we’re going to dive into the topic of impact drivers for women.

Impact Drivers Vs. Cordless Drills

So for the longest time, home repairs have been all about the cordless drill.  The cordless drill is an extremely versatile tool. You can use it to tighten screws and drill holes.

You could even affix a wire brush and use it to remove rust and clean grout.

The versatility of the cordless drill hasn’t been diminished.

However, the cordless drill has some serious limitations. They are notorious for stripping out screw heads when trying to screw them into tough woods.

And most cordless drills struggle to power bladed bits through multiple layers of 2 by 4’s.

This is where the impact driver really shines. The impact driver is just like a cordless drill, with the added advantage of an internal hammering clutch mechanism.

This internal hammer means that more torque can be applied with little to no revolution of the bit. This massive delivery of power enables you to move the most stubborn bolts without stripping out the heads.

Impact Drivers Are Smaller

For our ladies who are tackling their home improvement projects, one of the biggest selling points of the impact driver is that it offers more power in a smaller form factor.

This is something that your smaller hands will greatly appreciate.

The lighter weight construction of these tools also makes it easier for those tasks where you are working overhead.

And, since you have more power, you are able to get the same job done with less arm power and in a shorter period of time.

The Best Impact Drivers

Makita XDT16Z

This Makita is a much pricier option. However, it is created for the serious contractor. With up to 3,600 RPM and 1,600-inch pounds of torque, you can spin the lug nuts off your car if you need to. Tool Tally lists it as one of their favorite tools.

One of the handiest features of this tool is the Assist mode. With this setting, the tool starts off more slowly until the screw “bites” and begins to move. This helps keep you from stripping out heads and speeds up your accuracy.

At only 4 pounds, this little impact driver feels like a toy. However, this is one of the heavy-hitters on the market.

Dewalt DCF885C1

This little Dewalt is a favorite across America. With their friendly price point, they are friendly to any wallet. Additionally, they offer a huge number of tools. This means that your batteries can be used for their saws and flashlights and more!

The Dewalt only weighs 2.8 pounds. It’s 5.5-inch head length means that you can fit it into just about any tight space.

Unfortunately, Dewalt decided to leave the standard “inch-pound” measurement, so we don’t have that comparison. However, it’s a pretty solid tool that is going to hold up to any of the remodeling tasks you can send its way.

Milwaukee M18 2850-20

Milwaukee has been going through some crazy brand changes and revamps. This has kept its iconic red tools out of the spotlight for a little while.

Their new M18 tools are gaining a huge fan base. With 1,600 inch-pounds of torque, this is one of the most powerful tools on our list.

At only two and a half pounds, you can hang this on your belt, and you will hardly know it is there.

With its 5.0 amp hour battery pack, this tool is ready for all full day of remodeling.

Skil PWRcore

The Skil brand has been one of the big brand names for homeowners. It has helped hundreds of homeowners build their decks and do bathroom renovations.

Their PWRcore is not shy about the power it is bringing to the table. With 1,100 inch-pounds, this little tool comes ready to get the job done.

The drawback is the 2.0 Amp-hour battery. That is only about 50% as large to as little as 33% as big as some of the other battery packs on this list.

While a tool like this could save you some serious money, you will likely be swapping batteries out all of the time.

Get The Right Tool For The Job

As you shop for tools, remember that high-quality tools will last you for years.

If you buy a tool that doesn’t need to be replaced for ten years, then you can use your money for more tools until you have a robust arsenal.

At that point, the biggest challenge is ensuring that the husband and kiddos don’t run off with all of the tools.

Take Before And After Photos

Not only are you making your home more valuable with each upgrade, but you are building a resume of your skillset.

Take plenty of before and after photos, as well as progress pictures. As you improve your house, you can add these to your Instagram and Pinterest.

Who knows, you might just be the next blogger or HGTV host! 

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  1. I wish you had included the same information for each impact driver brand. I can’t compare point by point with this post. I do appreciate a starting point before I go to the store.

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