Best Fast-Food Restaurants With Low Carb Options

A ketogenic diet restricts the consumption of carbohydrates so that our body can attain the state of ketosis and burn the existing fat reserves for energy production. This diet form has been accredited worldwide for weight loss

Today we are going to talk about three of the best fast-food restaurants which can help you have a great time dining with family and friends while sticking to the keto diet. 

  • Olive Garden

This popular Italian-American chain can cater to your hungry tummy with delicious Italian spreads in family-style dining. The USP of this restaurant lies in making the guests bask in a warm dining experience. Here you can choose between a variety of lip-smacking soups, pasta dishes, steaks, and salads. The freshest ingredients which go into meal preparation infuse a uniquely Italian flavor to the same. 

It’s easy to adhere to keto at olive garden as you are offered a huge selection of solid proteins like seafood, chicken sausages, meatballs, etc. However, it is always recommended to stick to grilled protein rather than fried ones as they are healthier and more flavorful. Pasta is the signature specialty at Olive Garden which you can try while being on keto. For the base, you can opt for zucchini noodles or other leafy greens like lettuce or broccoli. While most pasta sauces are packed with carbs, you can proceed with low-carb options like creamy pesto or mushroom sauce for a sumptuous meal.

  • Del Taco

If it is Mexican food you are craving, then you can try Del Taco Keto Options which is a popular American fast-food chain. But while on keto, you need to adhere to certain restrictions. For example, if you are thinking of ordering a taco then go for the crunchy one. Both burritos and wraps are a strict no-no while visiting Del Taco. Usually, the Mexican dishes come loaded in the sauce but for staying within the keto boundary you might have to ditch the same. 

Although the sauces boost up the flavor of dishes, they contain added sugar which can derail you from your ultimate keto aim. In the place of sauce, you can ask for keto-friendly toppings such as bacon, sour cream, avocados, etc. which can infuse more flavor into your meals and make them more filling. While on a keto diet, you need to satiate 70-80% of your daily calorie needs from fats and this can be made possible easily at Del Taco which serves some of the tastiest burgers loaded with bacon and cheese. 

  • TGI Fridays

Being on keto doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice tasty food. TGI Friday is a popular American restaurant chain that specializes in casual dining. Burgers and fries are the specialties of TGI Friday but you can’t have that on keto. However, recently TGI Friday has revamped its menu for adding more delicious keto-friendly options such as their green-style burgers. Amongst the appetizers, you can try Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Wings and Grilled Wings. The green-style burgers offer lettuce in the place of buns for a high-fiber keto meal. 

You can satiate your cheese cravings with the Really Good Cheeseburger Green Style containing an all-beef patty, American cheese, and a brioche bun. The Turkey Burger is another great choice as it comes with a fire-grilled and perfectly seasoned ground turkey patty topped with red onion, lettuce, pickles, and tomato. If you are a sandwich lover, then you need to try out the Turkey and Avocado BLT which comes packed with ham, turkey, avocado, and bacon. However, you need to opt for the no-bread variant for sticking to your keto diet requirements. 

Final Words

Eating out on a keto diet might feel a bit overwhelming. But more and more restaurants are coming up with numerous options which can keep your taste buds happy while restricting your carb intake.