Best Exercise Bike Under £300- Top Picks For You

Whether you would like to equip home gym or you are looking for an ideal exercise bike, picking out the right one isn’t an easier task, particularly if you are restricted on a budget.

While high-end exercise bike usually offers unbeatable performance and quality. There are many excellent and reasonably priced machines available that can be effective. In an assortment of different brands and models, recognizing the significant features at the time becomes impossible.

Here we have come up with a complete guide for you for finding the Best Exercise Bike under £300.

Best Exercise Bike under £300- Here are top picks for you-

exercise bike

#1- Exerpeutic folding magnetic upright bike with a pulse-

This hard upright bike is a wonderful indoor piece and right to newer who want to work on weight loss. The padded seat brings comforts and stability to the recumbent bike but the strength and workout of the upright bike. It’s easy to fold, and the transportation wheel makes it easier to shift. This versatile bike is the perfect investment for low force and complex workout. It features- easy to use LCD, calorie burn, heart rate, distance, speed. The pedals are ergonomic and secured with big straps that provide safety. Smooth operating machinery makes it perfect for undisturbed exercise.


–         Stable & noise-free pedalling

–         Versatile- Max weight capacity up to 136KG

–         Cozy cushioned seat

–         Foldable


–         Time taking assembly

#2- Pleny foldable fitness exercise bike with 16-level resistance and hand pulse

Here is another sleek fitness bike perfect for small homes and limited space. It is available in classic black and bold pink, in modern design which fits every house. It comprises of heavy-duty metal construction frame. It isn’t heavier and easy to shift. It features meaningful metrics and phone holder, ideal for multi-tasking. The ergonomic seat provides more comforts and is right for all users. Users enjoy the balance between stability and practicality.  You can get involved in mild exercise or challenge for better outcomes, especially thanks to the 16-level resistance option.


–         16-level resistance option

–         Durability and sturdy

–         Lightweight

–         Smooth mechanism

–         Space-saving design


–         Handlebars placed nearer to the LCD monitor

#3- Viavito Onyx folding bike-

It’s another best option which ensures space-saving and is compact and perfect for home-based exercise. It is folded conveniently into the storage unit. It is light weighted and can be moved with no efforts. The extra padded seat is easy to adjust by height and designed for comforts and safe cycling. This cycle offers eight levels of magnetic resistance and instinctive LCD with all crucial metrics.  It is highly praised for its quality and sturdiness by the users. No doubt this Best Exercise Bike under £300 can help you in weight loss. It just weighs 13.9 KG and can be ported anywhere easily. With that being said, it is not a suitable option for heavy use and use is limited to 100KG. Users like that this bike is fast and easy to assemble.


–         Easily stored

–         Easy to assemble

–         Sleek and modern design

–         2 years warranty


–         Not meant for heavy purposes

Buying the Best Exercise Bike under £300– learn what you should consider compulsorily.

While affordability is alluring, there is no point in investing money in exercise bike just for being low-priced if it doesn’t cover the important aspects such as weight capacity, durability, quality, purpose, and the list goes on.

Below is what you need to look for in the exercise bike.

What kind of exercise bike do I require?

Based on the age factor, exercise goal, stamina, physical ability and overall activity needs, there are two basic kinds of bikes available that you must look for. The first one is an upright exercise bike, and the other one is a recumbent exercise bike.

Recumbent bikes are more alluring to the users experiencing joint problems as they provide low-impact cycling and much more flexible seating arrangement. Especial thanks to reclined body arrangement, these bikes are right for the low to medium force workouts and long-distance energy building cycling.

When coming to the upright bikes, they remind you of more ordinary bikes because of pedals and upper seating arrangement. When riding this bike, you engage the same muscle as you would regularly bike your ride outdoor, providing high force cardio exercises, ideal for more sophisticated cyclists.

Does it require being foldable?

For some users, foldability is an important aspect since it will conclude on how much space the bike will consume in your home. The ideal scenario is that you have sufficient space to place the bike. If that isn’t possible, bikes that can be folded up to ½ of their size and wheeled into the storage unit will be a good idea.

How rapidly is the assembly process?

 Weighty exercise bikes with many attachments and screws aren’t for all. So you need to ensure that the assembly guidelines are simple and the bike comes with just little parts that are easy to assemble.

What’s the utmost weight capacity?

You can narrow down the search options if hardwearing exercise bikes are not necessary for body type. You must ask yourself how many people will use this bike and whether it needs to hold up more weight.

Is it easy to move more or less?

Another aspect to consider is the weight of the product. Will you need to disassemble it after every use, or will you let it to be at the same place? Most of the stationary bikes come with wheels which permit trouble-free storing and positioning. It would be best if you considered the weight of the product and portability before finally buy anyone.


In order to get the high-quality bike, you always is required to spend too much money. Here in our list of Best Exercise Bike under £300, you will surely find the right pickup for you. I believe that you would find this post of greater help in making the proper selection for the right bike for you.