The Best Natural Products for Soothing Sensitive Skin

Your skin is your biggest organ. We all take great care to look after our other organs, but so many people still fail to look after their skin because they don’t see it as an important organ take care of. That’s despite over half of people reporting they have sensitive skin. 

There are many ways people can develop sensitive skin, be it from exposure to the natural elements or exposure to something more severe like proton beam therapy for cancer. Having a comprehensive skincare routine is a good way to keep on top of most forms of sensitive skin, especially in cases where the skin has been damaged from things like the weather and cleaning chemicals. 

Like most self-care regimes, natural is best; especially when it comes to your skin. Many people think you need to use 20 products every single day to maintain healthy skin, but that’s not true. There are many natural things that can soothe sensitive skin and give you the protection you need – without all the harmful ingredients that notoriously make sensitive skin worse. 

1. Aloe Vera

The most basic skincare product is aloe vera. The plant itself is similar to a cactus. Water is stored in the stems/leaves and creates a clear gel. The gel is 99% water, but the remaining 1% is where the magic happens. It contains all sorts of helpful vitamins and minerals, including salicylic acid which is particularly good for unclogging pores and treating surface acne. In addition to its blemish fighting skills, aloe versa is an effective, all-natural moisturizer, as well as reducing wrinkles and minimizing the inflammatory effects of sensitive skin issues like psoriasis and eczema. 

2. Beeswax

Bees provide us with so much goodness, including beeswax. A lot of people experience skin sensitivity when they apply makeup, mainly because of primers. A primer helps makeup to stay on for longer which is essential for those with oily skin who don’t want their face to dissolve within hours of application. The issue is, primers usually work by blocking the pores, and this makes skin prone to blemishes. Beeswax has an incredible staying power – like a primer – except it doesn’t block the pores. Aside from the face, those with dry skin (such as dry hands) can really benefit from the humectant (water attracting) properties of beeswax. 

3. Shea Butter

When it comes to smoothing skin, few products perform better than shea butter. Made from the fat of a nut tree, shea butter has long been used by people in Africa for their skin and hair. In terms of skincare, shea butter is highly moisturizing which makes it a must-have treatment for people who suffer from dry skin, especially in the colder months. If your sensitive skin is prone to drying out, applying a layer of shea butter will help preserve your skin’s natural oils and prevent it from cracking. Shea butter also promotes collagen which helps to keep your skin plump, firm and young-looking. 

4. Chamomile

Regarded as somewhat of a super plant, chamomile has been used for thousands of years to treat a broad spectrum of ailments, including sensitive skin. If your skin is red, irritated, puffy or blemished, applying some chamomile is a great way to lessen the symptoms because it contains a variety of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Lots of people use it as a cleanser and a toner, but it can be used as a skin refresher, too. If your insides need some calming as well as your skin, chamomile tea is said to relieve stomach ailments and promote a good night’s sleep, too. Win win! 

Will you be tossing out any of your chemical heavy products in favor of these natural remedies to soothe your sensitive skin?

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