Best blow dryer for grey hair

When hair starts to turn grey not only do we need to suddenly work out how our coloring has changed, but we also have to start looking after textually different hair. While your hair may have been smooth and thin, suddenly it’s thick and wiry.

Grey hair needs a different attitude and a different hair care routine to bring out the best. It is often drier than you may be used to, and you may also find that your scalp needs different care as well. While there are a number of different products designed to bring out the best in your changing hair, one thing many people don’t think about is if they will need to adjust their hair drying routine. Full blast with your old hairdryer should become a thing of the past!

Get a blow dryer with variable heat settings

It is so easy to get into the dreadful habit of a quick blast on the hottest, fastest settings to be found on your blow dryer. We’re busy, and we just want gorgeous hair in a hurry. If you do this with your grey hair you will find yourself with a mass of uncontrollable broken frizz.

Your blow dryer needs to have a variable heat and speed setting. What’s more, you need to be able to “set” your hair with a cold blast.  Slower blow-drying, on a low to medium heat setting will take longer, but it will save you time in the long run.

If you want to make things run a little faster, invest in a high absorbent hair drying towel to start the drying process while you are completing your face routine. You can also look at the range of hair protection and styling products designed specifically for grey hair.

 best blow dryer

Use your diffuser

Most blow dryers come with a huge round attachment that gets lost in a junk draw. Now is the time to pull it out – yes, even if your hair is naturally curly. A diffuser is used to evenly distribute heat, however you must use a medium-low heat setting. You also need to use a low speed. Yes, this means that it will take longer to dry your hair, but it will be worth it.

Using the diffuser from your blow dryer to dry your grey hair is more likely to generate soft, smooth hair that is manageable. Whereas using your concentrator is the more traditional way of getting a smooth and straight look, with grey hair this can often end up in hair that looks and feels like wire.

Yes, you will probably need to think about a great haircut that will not only suit your face, but that will sit better with your changing hair texture. When you do get that cut, talk to your amazing hair dresser about how best to maintain a soft, frizz-free look.

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Use the right brush

Brushing your dry hair (at night) with a natural bristle bush helps to dislodge flaking skin on your scalp and distribute oil evenly along the hair shaft. However, using a natural boar bristle bush on sopping wet hair is a major no-no.

Other than the concern it may cause hair to split, you will definitely not want your hair smelling like wet boar all day which is what happens if you add water to your boar bristle brush when using it.

Use your fingers as a brush to dry your hair with your blow dryer and give your hair a bit of volume and lift. If you’re worried that you’ll burn your fingers or hand, what do you think you’re doing to your hair?!

Once it’s 60% dry you can use a round boar bristle brush with your concentrator if you want smooth straight hair. If you want to maintain your wave or curly hair, skip the concentrator and brush all together. Just use your fingers and the right product.

Going grey doesn’t mean you’re old! People in the late teens go grey. But it does usually mean a change of texture as well as colour. Embrace it. You dress for the body you have not the body you want – so use the same principles with your hairstyle. You’ve got thick grey hair, work with it, not against it.


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