A New Way to Stay Smooth

They say you can run away from anything, except time. This is pretty true, sine as with everything else in this world, humans also have a sell-by-date. And the longer we go on, the easier it is to see. If the metaphors are a little too vague, then I’ll just simply say we’re all afraid of aging.

Ok, it’s very much wrong to say “we all,” as there are many people who are confident in their age. This is perfectly natural, since every hair, every piece of skin, regardless how grey and aged it gets, is a part of who we are and respecting this is something we all do.

But not everyone is strong enough to feel confident with wrinkles, unfortunately. It would be good to live in a world where everyone was comfortable with who they are and how they look, but let’s be real; not everyone is. And this is where modern technology and medicine comes in to fix what nature simply can’t.

And when it comes to anti-aging treatments and procedures, one of the most potent answers to wrinkles are dermal fillers, which are basically special compounds injected into various parts of the face and body to smooth out. As their name implies, they fill in the area under the skin where it has become saggy, adding volume to the face, chiseling it and giving it the edges and curves it once had.

Simply put, dermal fillers are a versatile tool for handling wrinkles and other age marks, smoothing them out, leaving behind an even layer of skin that looks young and vibrant. And one of the most renowned dermal fillers is Juvederm, a compound with the amazing capability of giving your face a fresh start.

Where to Look

With the growing popularity of Juvederm NYC and other major metropolitan areas around the country, as well as the entire world, offer the Juvederm dermal filler. Not to mention all its other variants, that specialize in their own areas of facial filling. 

Simply asking around a few clinics near your home should lend you some leads as to where to go to find a good offer for Juvederm. NYC, for example, has many amazing clinics right in the heart of Manhattan, so if your metropolitan or downtown area also has a few clinics, then chances are they’ll know what what Juvederm is.

Where Does It Go?

Often times, people hear about a new revolutionary treatment, yet they never really get a genuine idea of where it’s going to be and what it’s going to impact. Well, while Juvederm works to restore volume all across the face, there are certain areas where it truly shines.

For example, a young, more vibrant face has a distinct V shape, where the two upper ends start at the cheekbones and meet at chin. This gives the face that chiselled, sharp look that we see associate with a younger age. But over time, as our skin gets looser and weaker, the skin of the cheeks begins to sag and the face goes from a pronounced V to a U, losing that young edge.

When the Juvederm dermal filler is injected into the area around the cheekbones, it fills the space under the skin, giving the cheeks more volume, at the same time raising the skin under the jawline, chiseling it again and restoring the V shape. I’d recommend just looking at an example of it online to see exactly how the jawline is perfectly restored with Juvederm.

Additionally, Juvederm works wonders on forehead wrinkles, wrinkles around the eyes, such as those pesky crow’s feet and the smile lines, which tend to be some of the most pronounced wrinkles on the face. Juvederm straightens them out, giving the area a firm appearance and a younger, more vibrant overall look.

What’s the Procedure?

To put it simply, it’s a series of injections. This is a very good thing, as it means that the procedure is minimally invasive; this means no cuts, no openings, no breaking. Just a few small injections into various areas of the face.

The procedure itself lasts only a matter of minutes, ranging from half an hour to forty minutes. Most of it is really taken up by the specialist feeling around the face, as the injections are applied, making sure to apply them in the microscopically exact places they need to be. 

During the procedure, if you happen to be afraid of needles, there’s really nothing to worry about, since numbing cream will be applied to the face, making sure you don’t feel a thing. So, all you really have to do is sit back, think about nothing and relax as the specialists work their magic. And within half an hour, you’re finished and can head out.

And if you’re worried about what you need to do before the procedure, then don’t be as there really isn’t anything you should do to prepare for it. Following the procedure, however, it is highly advised that you don’t touch or feel the areas too much immediately following the procedure. Also avoid extreme temperatures, so as to not cause any damage to the filler.

As far as side-effects go, they’re very minor, ranging from a little dryness, redness and swelling, to just a little itchiness. But keep in mind, these go away within days and you’re back to normal. As for how long the downtime in its entirety is; well, you’ll start seeing a difference within days following the procedure, but keep in mind that the filler will take several months until it fully settles down into its final position. This doesn’t mean you have to wait that long, since again, you’ll be seeing a major improvement in volume within days. 

If you’ve felt like your face has lost its volume and you’re looking to see it in the mirror again, do give the Juvederm filler a try and see the results for yourself, as your face become noticeably tighter, younger, more vibrant and all those beautiful corners and edges more pronounced.

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