Bedroom Feeling Cramped? These 4 Tricks Can Make It Look Larger

Does your bedroom feel cluttered or small? It’s a common problem, especially for those who have been cooped up in their homes for months now, splitting rooms off into offices and feeling claustrophobic – but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, there are lots of simple ways to make your bedroom feel larger and more luxurious and, better still, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do it.

Draw The Eye Up

There are several types of visual effects that can make a room look bigger, but one of the better-known tricks is to design the room using colors or elements that draw the eye toward the ceiling. This makes the space appear to have a higher ceiling and can be accomplished by painting the room’s trim a lighter color than the rest of the room or, alternatively, by painting the ceiling a dark color. Placing high shelving around the room can also help create an upward visual trajectory.

Multiply With Mirrors

Another way to make a small room feel larger is by adding mirrors to the space. You’ve probably seen this in restaurants and stores – a large mirror can cause you to think the room expands out, when really what you’re seeing is just a visual doubling of the space.

In your bedroom, one of the best ways to add mirrors is by installing mirrored wardrobe doors, which not only help make the space look bigger, but offer the advantages of having a full-length mirror for dressing and styling. Such a simple addition is both beautiful and functional and will go a long way towards opening up your space.

Savvy Lighting Strategies

How you light your bedroom is an important decision, because the wrong lighting style can keep you awake at night, while smart lighting choices can encourage a good night’s sleep – and similar principles are true about lighting choices and your bedroom’s appearance. So, what types of lighting will make your room feel bigger? There are several good choices, including placing wall sconces near the bed, which is another way to draw the eye upward and avoids the clutter of bedside lamps.

Another good lighting choice for those trying to make their bedroom look larger is to use recessed or track lighting, especially if your bedroom has a low ceiling. Such lighting styles take up very little space and, in combination with other types of lighting, they can easily ensure every corner of the room is lit up.

Add Height To Furniture

Is your box spring still sitting on the floor? Do you have a cheap Ikea dresser that sits flat on the floor? If so, these items could be contributing to your bedroom’s cramped feel. Though placing furniture flat on the floor theoretically takes up less space than furniture on legs, raising up your furniture and furnishing your room with tables, bed frames, and other elements with exposed legs. Exposed furniture legs reveal floor space and make your room appear larger.

Though you may not be able to make your room physically larger by knocking down a wall or connecting two rooms, there are plenty of ways to make the space look bigger – it’s all about smart design. So, stop stressing over your cramped lodgings and do something about it. With a few mirrors or a fresh coat of paint, you can transform your space so that it appears much larger.

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