Animal Wall Murals For Your Kid’s Room

Your kid’s room should be open for play and creativity as well as welcoming. It should be somewhere your kid feels contented and at ease. Among the best ways to make your kid feel comfortable in their room and help them learn while having fun is by installing murals into their walls. You can place murals for cute animals, fun farms, living anatomy, and any other fun and educational mural.

Murals will enhance the room’s aesthetics and could also hide defects in the room. However, for the little kids’ murals make their life entertaining and exciting. Animal murals are both educational and entertaining if you go for the right animals for your kid. This guide covers the animal murals to buy for your kids’ room as well as their benefits.

Wall Murals Explained 

Murals are artworks hung or painted on the wall. Murals can also feature on the ceiling or some other permanent surface. 

Large photographs can also make stunning murals. Murals that contain cast vinyl seamlessly bring out the brightness and vibrancy of the piece of art. 

Most murals have some relevance in the room they appear. Like in this context, the animal murals will have some significance in the kid’s life. Probably these are animals the child loves or exhibits its characters. That is why these animal murals entice kids so much. 

However, different genders love different animals. That means animal murals for your daughter may be different from what your son may fancy. Additionally, you cannot hang any animal mural in the kid’s room as some animals are scary, which will only torment your kid.

Girl’s room murals

Girls and boys exhibit different liking for animals. Girls love a different set of animals while boys love other animals. That means as you go to look for the murals for your kid’s room, you have to consider this factor. Below are some of the animal murals that girls may fall in love with:

  • Butterfly murals – girls love butterflies and will be joyful to have a butterfly mural in their room. It makes the room lively as well as cheers up your daughter. 
  • Flamingo and peacock murals – girls, love beautiful animals. Your daughter will appreciate a flamingo or a peacock mural in her room.
  • Classical unicorns – as much as everyone loves unicorns, girls love them more and would want to set their eyes upon them in the room daily. Get a unicorn mural for your daughter today and see how delighted she will be. 
  • Panda bears – these are cuddly critters that girls love so much. A panda bear mural will make your daughter very happy.
  • Penguin – almost every girl adores penguins and would love to see them daily hanging by their walls.

Wall Murals for the Boys

Here are some of the animal murals to hang in your son’s room:

  • Wild Cats – most boys love big cats such as lions, leopards, tigers, and cheetahs. It will inspire your son to be fearless and focused in life.
  • Kangaroos – kangaroo murals are a perfect choice for your son’s room. It will always cheer him up.
  • Dolphins– boys love dolphins, so this is another impressive animal mural to include in his room.

Please note that your kid may love a different set of animals. The above list is purely a suggestion, and you should not assume your kid loves them. When buying the murals and other decorations, we recommend you go with your kid and let them choose what they like. Don’t impose a mural on your kid; it may affect them negatively.

Benefits of Wall Murals

  • Easy to maintain

Child murals are not high maintenance. You will clean them with much ease when they get dusty. What you do is unhang them and wipe. Most of the children’s murals have an easily cleaned material that is also incredibly durable. 

This material will hardly tear-off or even bend. The animal murals are also portable. You can switch it from one place to another to enhance the room’s aesthetics and break the monotony. 

  • The kid learns new skills.

Animal murals will encourage your kid to learn new things. Observing the animal mural on the wall will inspire the child to become like that animal they love. 

For example, when talking about a lion mural, the kid will aspire to be fearless and bold. A peacock mural may inspire your daughter to pursue fashion. They will start working towards that in their life as they grow.

They will easily learn new skills as they work towards being fearless while pursuing what they want in life. The kids may improve concentration in class as the murals will inspire their growth.

  • Conceal defects in the room

We all know how curious children can be. They could easily damage the walls in their rooms due to curiosity. It is not a shock to find dents and drawings in their rooms which could tarnish the room’s aesthetics. 

Animal murals are the perfect choice to conceal such defects. These defects give the room an awful look, but the mural will cover the fault and beautify the space.   

Final Thoughts

Animal murals may have a positive influence on your child’s upbringing. You will love how they smile and express joy when they look at the animals they adore in their room. 

Do not forget to consider the interior design of the room while buying murals for uniformity. Be sure to understand what animals your kid loves and what inspires them before purchasing the mural.

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