5 Playroom Decoration Ideas to Inspire Kids

Most of the kids are notorious. Children often jump from one activity to another at the speed of lightning. All parents have the same concern about their kids that they get bored with one toy or activity after some time.

But do not worry about this problem now. First, if you set up a kid’s playroom correctly, you can reduce your tensions. Then, tactfully suggest some exciting ideas to youngsters to spend free time.

For this, design the playroom intelligently. While organizing the playroom, ensure that you keep everything within the reach that a child needs for various activities. 

This method will allow you to keep items more organized and inspire the little ones. The following are some encouraging playroom wall ideas that you can use in your home:

Chalkboard Wall

Class Clown Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art


Mostly, kids like to scribble or draw on the walls. But it is something about which parents are not thrilled. They find it troublesome to stop kids every time from drawing or writing on a wall.

But what you don’t know is that kids draw on the walls to express themselves at a young age. It makes them confident or inspires them to explore their personality or talent.

By saying no to kids, parents mistakenly repress their personality that they should encourage more. So, the solution to this issue is to paint a wall of the playroom with chalkboard paint.  

Encourage your little ones to work on that chalkboard wall. It is an intelligent way to protect your other rooms and inspire children to express themselves.

They will have their personal canvas that can motivate kids to embrace Picasso inside them. They can experiment with their creative freedom and develop mobility skills. So, play an essential part in your child’s growth by providing them endless ways to get entertained.

Create a Hideaway


Kids mostly turn the living room into a multilevel pillow fort to create a hideaway. They love to play hide and seek and do some naughty activities because of their notorious nature.

So you can spare the sofa or cushions in the living room by simply giving kids something to enjoy in the playroom. Add a unique centerpiece in the kid’s room by introducing a patterned fabric tepee.

Fill the floor with pillows inside to give them a cozy corner for reading or other activities. It is an exciting way to keep kids inside the playroom more.

Imaginative Play


Every child has an imagination that needs a fire. So, encourage a kid’s dream with a room that invokes another world. Likewise, any themed room décor inspires your child to get involved in a role-play.

So, decorate the playroom walls with a mural or hang the posters and pictures of a specific theme. Nowadays, children like themes like a castle theme, space theme, ocean theme, forest theme, Disney theme, etc.

You can let your child choose a theme to display in a room and participate in the decorating process. When your kid gets involved in designing, they become more excited to spend time in that room.

Furniture that Kids Love


While deciding on playroom furniture, make sure to keep different portions for all activities. Even if you have a small area, do make proper partitions. While placing the table, cabinet, and bed, keep some space to play on the floor as well.

  • Rugs and Mats: Use rugs or floor mats in the playroom. Your child can comfortably play on the ground, and it also prevents them from getting cold. 
  • Seating: Place a bean bag, small chairs, or sofa for adults in a corner. It will allow parents to relax and participate in their kid’s activities. Try to place furniture in bright colors to make the playroom eye-catching.
  • Bookcase: It is an essential element in a kid’s room. It will enable children to read and increase their love for reading.
  • Workstation or Desk: Create a specific corner for a child to complete homework. So, include a workstation or desk where a child can study.


Lucy McClain Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art


Do not underestimate the power of lighting while designing a room. With the growing age, the bedtime schedule of a child also changes. As a result, they often play late in dark and poorly lit corners.

So all parents surely want to provide their child a bright space to play comfortably. So you can incorporate twinkling lights, strings of bulbs, wall lamps, etc. In addition, they can also set the mood of a child.

But make sure to take care of the safety first. Double-check that wires and cables do not show an electrical fire risk.


You can set up a playroom anywhere in your home where kids can express themselves and enjoy their idle time. But, always remember that a good playroom has to be interactive. 

So follow the ideas as mentioned earlier and keep a kid happily entertained.

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