“An Animal, The Look Says It All”, Says Shivohaam: Fitness Coach Features Fitness Focus of the Star

The look says it all, highlights the renowned fitness coach Shivohaam while talking about the star, Ranbir for his upcoming block bluster movie Animal. The physical transformation of Ranbir is the buzz of the B- town these days. Ranbir, the stunning, mind blowing and dashing actor has charmed everyone with his looks especially his transformed physique. The architect behind the elated personality of Ranbir’s breathtaking presence is his mentor, his fitness coach Shivohaam. As a fitness coach, he has designed significant workout and diet plan to help Ranbir attaining his fitness goals for the film.

Highlighting Ranbir’s body work, Shivohaam shares his complete transformation process. What we see on screen, a smooth, polished persona of an actor, but Shivohaam took a charge to take us behind the screen and told us how he crafted The Ranbir as An Animal.  Shivohaam, himself is an enterprise and a wellness life guide who has created an amusing environment for training and bringing transformative fitness. His stance towards fitness has proven cutting edge result as we see Ranbir as a stronger, healthier and fitter for the role of Animal. Shivohaam believes in study and strategy of various fitness categories and imply them as per body requirement. In expansion, his fitness plans are multi-dimensional, comprehensive and more holistic. Ranbir’s transformation journey is as authentic as it signifies how goals are achieved. Shivohaam has a clear vision to adapt scientific methods that shown Ranbir’s body and character with proper improvement in health and his personal well-being.


In Shivohaam’s words, “I always admire Ranbir and his work choices. Animal is a huge project and Ranbir being the key protagonist need to look and justify the character. Ranbir and I spent almost 3 years together for his body transformative requirements. What I understood that he is very attentive, aware and honest when it comes to hard work. He is a great disciple who values time. I minutely studied his body and its needs and formed a personalized fitness recommendation including guidance, vital nutritional tips and workouts that crafted him to achieve fitness excellence. The body transformative process is based on physical fitness focus, food intake and workout, obviously depends separately on body.”  

Shivohaam, has determined the whole process thoroughly and ensured Ranbir to attain best possible shape for the role. Remarking Ranbir’s prepping procedure Shivohaam defined about powerful training, strict food plan for this character.

Fitness for Shivohaam is a way of life and not just a routine. His craft inspires to choose a healthy and disciplined lifestyle. He added that he kept Ranbir to refrain from indulging in things that could have adverse effects on his body. Ranbir adapted the challenge. He followed a way of living with a monitored exercise regime, required physical activity and balanced consumption of food.

While talking about Ranbir and his attitude towards the transformative journey, Shivohaam described him as one of the most charismatic humans he ever met. Shivohaam couldn’t stop himself idealizing Ranbir’s discipline.


Praises, praises and praises!!! Added Shivohaam and continued, “It is essential to follow a fixed fitness routine. Being human, everyone suffers with flatness of workouts which eventually could lead to a plateau. This is when most people decide to just give up. But Ranbir overlooked all the obstacles and achieved incredibly tough target. He has undergone a tremendous physical transformation – from a lean lad in his last film to a swagger and tougher version of himself in “Animal”. To get into Ranbir’s body shape, you would have to eat a balanced diet, reduce your caloric intake, and sweat to burn off excess body fat.  But in the meantime, it involves resistance training to build muscle mass and lift metabolism.”

The training program for Ranbir is customised based on his body type and basic requirement. Well, it includes a lot of effort because it is partnership of two who are equally important. Training is the only constraint that shows growth and progress towards the target. The food is  priority and it maintains the proper break down of protein, carbs and fat, making sure the certain strategy behind gaining muscle but not fat. But at the same time when it comes to lean up, losing fat but not muscle

Rabir has put on weight and maintained body earlier also, but here for “Animal” the approach and body requirement were totally different. He has to look mascular in Animal so as we trained upon.

Shivohaam pointed out the discipline Ranbir used to follow in a well-planned manner. Shivohaam shared the magical mantra of Ranbir’s whole day fitness process. “We start it in the morning with a concussion of aloe vera, amlas, wheat grass and turmeric along with a green juice. A suitable physical training routine!! Most importantly a disciplined lifestyle with sustaining consistent meals with proper balance. I must say, Ranbir is very disciplined guy and knows what he has to do for his own betterment. Even on holidays, he eats clean and believes in sweating for a while.”

Ranbir ‘s stunning transformation

Ranbir is too good to adapt heavy work outs. Every physical training starts with light warm up. A very hard, laborious and targeted workout on mobility and some prevention drills. A proper plan was followed. An hour of weight training has given enough results. It was continued once or twice a week some functional training to keep the fitness level up.

Shivohaam said, “We did not believe in diet. Yeah really. Every body needs to be fed by what it requires. Nutritional plans were created and Ranbir’s chef cooked it. This is the simplest form of food management I suggest to everyone. For Ranbir simple food is delightful. He enjoys basic “Ghar ka Khana” including meats, vegetables, rice, dals. The fact that made all difference is his calorie intake. We have planned it very carefully and strategically. The look and transformation of Ranbir is yeah…the balanced food and workout.”

Shivohaam underlined the ownership quality of Ranbir. He appreciates the way Ranbir took his time for workout even on shoot or on holiday. Food, time and tiredness doesn’t make any sense when Ranbir has decided to work out. He is the perfect example of a guy who knows to maintain balance between personal and professional life. He is the one who believe in conversion of spare time into fruitful time. A responsible son, brother, husband, friend and now a caring father; all these roles superbly characterize him.

Shivohaam puts forward the real Ranbir Kapoor – a man of discipline, clean eating habits, and an unbreakable commitment to training.

This cinematic transformation of Ranbir is the sensational fitness milestone which is tough but attainable. Shivohaam, the visionary, the architect of this fitness empire has made the fact possible, “Dream Comes True” for all. And inspired to awake the instinct of determination, hard work and self-confidence like Ranbir, An Animal.

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