All You Need to Know About Spring Fashion

No thanks to that obnoxious C-word, the fashion world in totality has been painfully quiet. But no matter, our stylish spirits refuse to be threatened as the runways, streets and even our now cherished work-from-home reality is shrouded in jaw-dropping fashion trends. With spring around the corner, the fashion industry is set more than ever to unravel its breezy, warm, colourful and re-invented creations.

This year, spring fashion will leave a spring in your steps and a star in your style. And any fashion enthusiast knows to be ahead of the game by “unmasking” the trends that will be in vogue. Well, you don’t need to sniff out every available lookbook, the myriad of runway shows or read a bunch of articles of fashion magazines to get your spring-style desire ─  as we’ve compressed and written this information in simple yet clear details. You can thank us later when you are finished reading!

Top Spring Fashion Trends that will “Rock” this year

House slippers

The fashion experts predict that the once conservational house slippers will step out of their comfort zone and take over the streets, restaurants, and just about every place. So ready your braided leather slides, fuzzy slippers and chunky platforms for the fashionable upgrade. And isn’t it just wonderful how you can lounge and dress up with the same pair of shoes?

Casual Suits

While work-from-home is the new normal, pyjamas and loungewear haven’t replaced the sleek, professional-looking suits. However, the typically structured suits will take a casual change in pace with more laid-back lines and informal outlines. From slack trousers to untucked shirts to slip-slop blazers, suiting will be as breezy as spring. 

Tricky Toe Heels

Strappy heels redefined, this footwear is super chic and stylish. We should prepare to see toe loops and straps interwoven with the foot.  Givenchy’s three-toe loop sandals Give a vivid depiction of these in-season and in-vogue shoes. You will also like to take a cue from the runways and style these with socks and tights.

Micro, Micro, Minis

Miniskirts those are shorter than miniskirts? It’s a huge YES for spring fashion. Microscopic minis as they are called are the stylish show of skin and legs. Fashion powerhouse, Miu Miu and LaQuan Smith will be reliving and redesigning this trend from the 90s in loud colours and sizzling prints.

Long Necklaces

 Bye-Bye to the long-adored chokers and statement earrings and a big welcome to long necklaces! And boy will these come in various interpretations ─ Chanel’s pearls and layers of chains, Bevza’s beautifully crafted figurines and Jil Sander’s sculptured pendants are some perfect examples.


It is super exciting to know that our favourite track pants along with a bunch of other sporty apparel will be making a fashionable return this spring. Bike shorts, cool hoodies, tracksuits and killer sunnies will bang more than ever. It will also be a refreshing break from your at-home leggings and pyjamas.

Candy Pink

 In other colours, “Bubble gum pink” is projected to be the spring fashion display’s winning colour. It promises to take us down memory lane where bubble gum candy was our beloved sweet. Remember to keep to the nostalgic bright pink theme.


Get ready to reveal your gorgeous back to the warm spring air and to admiring glances. Now, this isn’t your regular humble dips but an all-out deliberate back exposure intended to attract appreciative stares. Frontline designers like Givenchy and Christopher John Rogers are already on top of this trend.

Black Face masks

Oh yes, we will be taking cover from the dreaded C-word in style! Sleek and made-to-match every outfit you wear, black face masks are ultra-chic. But before you run off to get a black mask, factor in the fabric’s breathability. Silks are often a good choice.

Head Scarfs

Head scarfs will be making a huge comeback too. These dainty and stylish accessories double as a hair protector and a statement piece. Please don’t hold back with its styling _ wear it like you typically would a scarf, attach it to your bag or on your hair bun, or let it dangle from the back of your head.

Paper-thin Bags

Be warned that this bag trend isn’t for the woman with plenty of “baggage” _ You can’t fit a ton of things into this bag which is reminiscent of a paper filing folder. Regardless, they will take over spring fashion like a boss, and we are eager to see them come into view.


Every year and each changing season, spring showcases the best of fashion trends. From clothes to cosmetics, to shoes and jewellery, the season comes fully-packed. This year is no different, and these trends and some more will rock the fashion industry. Don’t let the season catch you off guard, so key into these trends NOW!

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