UP Your Accessories Game this Fall With These Great Tips

Accessories are the tiny little pieces of a fashion puzzle that puts everything together. Your style statement can change with a bit of an accessory. You can go from looking outright dowdy to looking like the crème de la crème of classiness with the right kind of accessory with just a snap of the fingers.

But knowing how to dress up these fashion items well enough to give you a look you are gunning for may be quite a challenge.  Follow us through this journey of fall stylish’ do as we bring you all the goodness of accessorizing with four quintessential fashion staples.


Cashmere Sweater Scarves

Topping the list are the iconic fashion game-changers. With fall, it’s all about staying warm and cozy, and what better way to achieve this than to snuggle up in a scarf? From blanket to wool to knit knotted to plaid, fall scarves are the right accessory to bring a breezy but chic feel to any fall outfit.

How to wear a scarf

  • For a classy, laid-back fall look, drape a plaid tassels scarf behind your neck and wrap each end over your shoulders to bring them to the front, to give you the trendy double wrap style.
  • Wrap a long cashmere silk scarf around your neck and drape one end behind your shoulder for a casual work look.
  • For a bohemian chic look, go for a chunky blanket scarf or a classic boho tribal fringe scarf. Drape the scarf across your neck, making an end into a loop, and pass the other end through the loop to make a knot. You may either tighten the knot or leave it loose to add a bit of a messy look to the style.
  • You can also wear a blanket scarf as a cardigan. Drape the blanket scarf over your body so that it covers your shoulders and arms, and then secure it with a belt around your tummy. Wear a blanket scarf as a cardigan over a body fitting sweater dress or skinny jeans and a turtle neck top.


Second, on the list is our all-time go-to to keep the cold out and keep our feet warm and snugly.

So yes, we may have been limiting socks-wearing to being paired with our pajamas only but not anymore. Socks are a fashion staple that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere just yet.

How to style socks

  • Rock a pair of OTK sweater socks with knee-high boots over an oversized turtle neck outfit for a dual comfy and fashionable approach.
  • For a stylish retro back to school look, pair sports socks with heeled fall loafers; rock this look wearing a leather jacket over a denim skirt. To look even snazzier, wear a fanny pack as a crossbody bag or around your waist.
  • For a chic girl ensemble, wear knee-high socks with black combat boots or sneakers over a short skater skirt.
  • For a classy unconventional look, stand out by rocking your favorite stilettos with sports socks on pants or a bias midi skirt.
  • Pair slouchy socks with a sandal or strappy heels over a corporate midi skirt and a muffler scarf for the perfect corporate-fall combo.



With COVID-19 badgering us about, we saw a fashion staple turn into a health and wellness necessity.

Whether it’s the classic cliché wrist-length leather gloves, long opera gloves, or pointelle gloves, be rest assured that with gloves this fall, you are guaranteed an iconic ritzy look while adding elegance and posh to staying safe.

How to wear gloves

  • For an evening time out on a chilly day, wear a latex leather opera or elbow-length gloves to give you the luxurious upper-class flair.
  • Be bold with colors this fall. Make a significant shift from the everyday brown or black gloves and add a pop of pretty color to dress up a not-so-special fall outfit by experimenting with colored gloves, and you’ll be sure to turn heads!


One of my favorite headgear of the season, to get the best out of hats this fall, wear them with your hair fallen; no knots or buns.

How to style hats

  • Beanies: these cuties come in different shapes, sizes, and fabric but never fail to add the street style spice to any outfit. Up your beanie game by wearing a slouchy, fisherman, pom, or teddy beanie with embellished faux pearls or decorated with pretty brooches.
  • Fedoras: wear a heather wide fedora to complete a classic boyish cold weather costume.
  • Berets: berets have transitioned from a mere addition to military adornment to a classic fall staple. To go for a militia feel, pair a flat cap beret with leather pieces. For a more exquisite look, adorn a net veil over a beret worn sideways.
  • Baker Boy Hats: go back in time to the 1900s with a vintage Italian baker boy cap paired with wide-leg pants and a double-breasted boyfriend blazer. For a relaxed, stylish-girl feel, wear a studded felt baker boy cap tilted slightly to the side over a tee and bottoms of the same material as the cap. Finish up this look with a pair of ankle boots.

With these fall-inspired tips, you bet you to be on your way to looking exotic and a la mode like your favorite celebrity fall style inspirations because really, what will we do without accessories?

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  1. Big lover of accessories at this time of year! Haven’t had a chance to wear any wedding hats or fascinators this year due to the covid restrictions but I’m really looking forward to switching my summer wardrobe to my autumn-winter collection and wearing my favourite trilby hats.

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