All Awesome Things You Can Do with Tension Rods at Home

I love them tension rods because they can come in handy all the time. Spring is the perfect season for decorating at home.

The weather is perfect. It’s time to open up those shades and let the sunshine come in for the first time this year.

Winter is too cold, summer is too hot, so that makes spring and autumn the best periods for redecorating.

Make your home feel special and ready for the upcoming seasons with these few little tricks you can do with tension rods.

Don’t be surprised if you find the perfect way of doing something you always wanted but never knew how.

That happened to me when I saw the Kitchen Awning trick. It looked good and used that space in my kitchen. It’s like I have the outside indoors.

This, and many others are here for you. You just need to click on the names and follow the instructions.

1. Bookshelf Covers

2. Hanging Plants

3. Kid’s Stage Area

4. Chord Coverage

5. Litter Box

6. Jewelry Organizer

7. DIY Kitchen Awning

8. Scarf Holder

9. Portable Drying Rod

10. Dust Ruffle

11. Pet Gates

12. Organize Tupperware

13. Vertical Storage

14. DIY Canopy Bed

15. Holiday Decorations

16. Pot and Pan Organizer


18. Extend Your Closet

19. Cutting Board Organizer

20. Filing Cabinet

21. DIY Curtain Door

22. Papertowel Holder

23. Craft Organizer

24. Shoe Organizer

What are your favorites?

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