12 Decorative Ways to Reuse Glass Bottles Around the House

It’s spring people and these decorative ways to reuse glass bottles will give you plenty of ideas what to do.

I can’t explain how excited I am about the warm weather finally coming. I’ve been waiting for it so long. Can you see how much I miss warm days?

My basement got filled up with these wine bottles during the cold days. I think my winter passed with a nice glass of red wine and a few pieces of nice cheese.

Somehow, I became an addict to these fine cheeses. Many of you will say that they are full of fat. Indeed, they are. However, I balance my diet around them, so there is no need to worry.

So, do you have any old glass bottles in your home?

If you do, here is how you can turn them into the best decorative item you have in your home.

1. Glass bottle picture frame

2. Patriotic drinking glasses

3. Create a glass vase

4. Vase with unique design

5. Empty storage bottles

6. Glass spray bottle

7. Winter wonderland

8. Candlestick holder

9. Greetings or quotes

10. Bird feeder

11. Oil lamps for the outdoors

12. Timeless drinking glasses

It’s nice to see how to reuse glass bottles. You are finally making some space for some other things.

They look nice.

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  1. Looking for the detailed instructions for the winter wonderland wine bottles. I know they were posted in the fall and now they don’t seem to be available. Could these be emailed to me please?

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