A Touching Christmas Ad Made My Heart Full With Love and Eyes with Tears

This Polish Christmas ad went viral as soon as it hit the air. It’s a story about a grandfather who lives in Poland and wants to learn English.

At first, you think he is learning English to keep himself entertained. Later, your thoughts will go in another direction/

You’ll think he learns to read, speak, and understand English because he wants to visit England or the USA for the upcoming holidays.

In the end, your heart will melt.

A Touching Christmas Ad Made My Heart Full With Love and Eyes with Tears

Warsaw-based agency Bardzo has created this commercial and made a statement how things could go deeper.

How a simple effort of learning the language could bring so much love and joy. The scenes are well organized and will make you laugh, wonder what’s going on, and cry like a baby at the end.

I don’t want to tell you everything, but here is a spoiler alert: Grab a tissue before you start watching this.

Here is the video:

The love for your family can do wonderful things for Christmas.

I don’t have words that can express what I felt while watching this video. It was a rollercoaster of emotions.

Wow. I’ve never seen a better Christmas ad Do you?

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