A Parent’s Guide to the Pros and Cons of Private Schooling for Your Child

Whether you already have kids in school, or will be sending your kids to school soon, one question will be looming: “Should I send my child to a private school?”

You want your child to get the highest quality education they can. You also want them to learn to communicate, be active, and explore their interests.

Every child will need a different balance of these factors, and the type of school they attend will be responsible for creating the most ideal atmosphere for their growth.

There are many factors to considering private schooling as a possible route for your child. While there are many positive attributes to private school, there can also be obstacles for both you and your kid.

Keep reading for the most critical pros and cons to examine when it comes to private school.

More Structure

Perhaps your kid struggles with a loose educational structure and completing assignments on their own. A private school can create a more structured schedule that promotes discipline and productivity.

Not all kids may benefit from a stricter schedule, but if your kid can learn to succeed when offered more structure and discipline, private schooling may be a good choice for them.

Not Diverse

Private school education is a serious financial investment, and because of this, it is often not a diverse school environment.

Private schools will primarily have other students from wealthy families, perhaps families from the same towns who already run in the same social circles.

They will not have the diversity and variety of life stories, cultures, and interests that a public school will have. It is one sacrifice your child will have to make if they go to private school.

Smaller Class Sizes

Although private schools are not as diverse, they will typically have smaller class sizes because only so many families will choose to pay to send their children to school there.

Smaller class sizes can be a great benefit to your child’s education. They can get more attention and one-on-one help with their work.

They may also be more willing to ask questions and raise their hand when they aren’t competing with a lot of other students in a classroom.


Depending on the private school you choose to send your child to, it can be somewhat expensive.

However, this is because private schools are independently funded. Schools use the tuition to create the curriculum and hire the teachers that help your child succeed later in life.

Private schools’ prices will differ, so don’t be afraid to shop around. Visiting a school can also be a great way to decide if it’s the right fit for your kid.

Enjoy the Benefits of Private Schooling

These advantages of a private school for your kid may be the deciding factor for your decision. Private schooling can offer many different opportunities that can help support your child’s growth.

When it comes down to it, it’s all about what’s best for your kid and what kind of experience they want to have in school.

There are always lots of decisions to make for your family. Find all the answers and inspiration you need by visiting our page.

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