Why Private Jet Charter Companies are on the rise

The private jet charter industry has been experiencing robust steady growth in recent years. As a result, today we have more private jets that take to the skies more often than ever before.

The pronounced interest in this mode of transport across the globe is influenced by the amazing perks it offers, which set it apart from commercial air travel. What’s more, chartering companies are making it more easily accessible even for people that aren’t ultra-rich.

Well, the rise of private jet charters has been attributed to the following factors.

• Renting private jets is becoming cost-effective for organizations

You would ask how that is possible, considering private planes typically provide plenty of space, luxury furnishings, as well as personalized services and attention. According to data from Hopper, an app that analyzes up to 15 billion flight prices every day, the cost of the first-class ticket is typically three or four times that of the economy-class ticket.

If, for example, your organization has a planned business trip for five executive members, then the total cost of purchasing first-class tickets could prove to be more than renting a private jet.

• Get passengers exactly where they want to go

Private jets can reach several smaller airfields and airports that are closer to passengers’ ultimate destination, and this greatly helps reduce the hassle associated with commercial airports. Also, passengers can access remote and other hard to reach areas using helicopters or light jets.

Chattering private air travel is a very convenient option, especially when you want to fly to a place that requires multiples airline connections before reaching your destination.

• Unmatched flexibility

With a private jet charter, you can have a flight scheduled within a few hours. This allows you to keep business schedules that cannot be met efficiently if your organization relied on commercial airliners.

What’s more, the jets can also accommodate all your special belongings, including bulky and fragile instruments. You can even bring your pets. Better yet, you enjoy great flexibility that it’s possible to change flight plans in mid-flight when needed.

• Privacy

Another important perk of a charter flight is top-notch privacy, allowing you to make productive use of your time when onboard. You and your staff can comfortably engage and enter into confidential negotiations with your esteemed customers, partners, or suppliers.

Fly Private Anytime, Anywhere In the World with Jettly is a reputable and reliable company, dedicated to making private air travel more accessible and affordable with no hidden charges. Unlike most traditional brokers that will charge you hefty commissions, Jettly asks nothing for commissions.

No fees associated with time on the ground, overnight crew accommodation, Wi-Fi, or any other extra costs. You’re only charged one flat monthly rate. Jettly also allows you to cut rates by filling the empty, passenger-less flights, only if you’re interested to recover the cost of the deadhead.

A friendly team of specialists is available round the clock to help with booking and coordinating your travel via phone, email, and live chat feature. There are almost 10, 000 private jets to choose from. Whether you need to fly once or twice a year, Jettly got you covered.

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