A Guide for Buying Mattresses for Our Families 

Studies show that a lot of Americans are lax about changing and updating their mattresses which can impair their skill to get the advantage of a perfect night sleep. While a lot of moms get nostalgic about changing their kid’s bed. But, remember your sleep doesn’t need to suffer because of your mattress. As per experts, you have different recommendations for mattresses all through your life. Here is a buying guide of different mattresses recommended for different family members in your house.

Best mattress for kids

As crib mattresses usually have standard size and firmness rating, thus, every parent should go for a crib mattress for their baby. Parents need to make a decision on the kind of bed their baby will sleep on. right from twin XL, twin or full size mattress you have so many options when thinking of transition from the crib. As crib mattresses are highly firm, a mattress for your growing toddler should be of medium firmness to render right comfort to him/her.

You can go for innerspring mattresses or coil mattresses for a kid till he has reached his teenage and is ready for a bigger bed.

Best mattresses for teens

You have three major considerations when it comes to purchasing mattress for a teenager.

First is the size of the mattress which you want. Whether you want a new twin mattress or you need a larger mattress and go for XL or queen mattress.

Second is for how long do you want the mattress. This points out the size and duration for which you need the mattress. If your teenage is heading to his college in sometime then you shouldn’t go for a high end mattress. But if your teen is growing and has plans to be with you, then you can get a good quality, big size mattress.

Third is the position in which your teen sleeps. It is a major consideration for everyone. If they are a stomach sleep, then your mattress requires firmness. If your kid is a back sleeper, then you need to ensure that the mattress has all important supports. For side sleepers, you may go for memory form mattresses.

Best mattress for couples

If you are married, then the very first thing you need is to take care of your mattress. Twosome shouldn’t live on a bed smaller than queen size to give their partners the much needed elbowroom. If you have a king size bed, then it is much better.

Considering the kind of mattress, you need, you should go for one which is squeak free. You should also keep in mind the firmness of the mattress for your intimate hours. According to Chris Young, Founder of GetBestMattress. Going for a responsive mattress with a lot of spring back is highly recommended. A bit of bounce is also appreciated. You surely do not want to sink in the mattress. Go for a good quality mattress which is more firm than soft.

Best mattress for pregnant women

Women who are pregnant or are going to plan their baby need to keep a check on their sleep comfort too. Women should transform their sleeping style to side sleeping and thus it is important to get a mattress optimum for laying on side. You can go for a softer mattress with proper spinal alignment.

Pregnant women often suffer from back pain and thus mattress with quality support layers are recommended here. Body pillows also are also effective to allow you to sleep on your sides calmly.

Best mattress for middle aged people

The quality of sleep decreases with age and thus middle age people are more susceptible to broken sleeps at night. The sleep quality further declines if you choose the wrong mattress for you. Good sleep prevents chronic health issues. Thus, it is important to get middle mattresses for you for comfortable and quality sleep.

One should keep spinal alignment and support as their top priority while looking for a good mattress. Quality support layers is very important. A supportive mattress confirms that the natural spine curve is in right position and it works in sync with the weight of the body for proper alignment. It avoids short and long term spine and back issues.

Best mattress for old age people

When you choose mattresses for seniors, you need to go for a firmer mattress with a memory foam to prevent back ache and arthritic joint ache. If the senior has problem in laying flat, go for an adjustable mattress.

Going for a mattress with great support should be highest priority. It is important that the back stands by its natural curvature and alignment. With aging body needs quality comfort layer. Memory foam mattresses can render senior people with good quality sleep but do not go for low density mattresses as they mess your alignment and cause havoc.

These are the best mattresses recommended for people of all ages in a family.

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