9 Awesome Laundry Hacks That Make Wash Day So Much Easier

We can’t say we’ve met a person who is highly enthusiastic about laundry day. It’s a long task that involves multiple steps. It isn’t only throwing the clothes in the washer but also the process of taking them out, putting them in a dryer, and ironing and folding them after they’ve dried.

While you can’t avoid doing your laundry for a long period of time, you can certainly use some of the hacks we prepared for you to make it a little bit easier to handle:

Use aluminum foil if you’re out of dryer sheets

If you noticed that you were out of dryer sheets just as you were about to throw your clothes in the dryer, don’t worry. You can DIY with aluminum foil. Simply crumple up aluminum foil to make a two- or three-inch-thick ball. It will remove the static just as effectively as any dryer sheet or ball.

Use a color catcher

If you’re too lazy to sort your laundry by color but you also don’t want to risk permanently staining your clothes if something bleeds, then color catchers are a perfect solution for you. You can grab a pack next time you’re in the grocery store and never have to worry again.

Mesh bag for organizing small items

We usually use mesh bags for washing delicate items, but that doesn’t have to be their only use. If you’re tired of losing your socks and always have one missing, then try putting all the small items in a bag before throwing it in the washer.

Throw in a towel in the dryer

This hack is a real time-saver. Next time you’re doing your laundry, throw in a dry towel in the dryer with the rest of tour clothes. The towel will absorb some of the water, which consequently helps your clothes get fully dry faster.

Make a DIY stain treatment

If you want to switch to more natural laundry alternatives, starting with making your own DIY stain remover is simple enough. Combine two parts baking soda with one part vinegar to make a paste. Leave it to sit for about 10 minutes, then scrub away the stains. If the stain is persistent and requires more work, you can still go the natural route, like with this company for green cleaning in Chicago.

Get multiple hampers

Sorting your laundry before washing it can be a tedious task that makes you wish you could just throw it all in together. Well, instead of doing that each time, you can buy multiple smaller hampers for different types of fabric or lighter and darker colors. That way, you’ll be sorting out your clothes before wash day and saving some time beforehand.

Use ice cubes to remove wrinkles


If you leave out your clothes for too long in the dryer, they can become really wrinkled. If that’s the case, you can reverse it by throwing in a few ice cubes and running a quick cycle to de-wrinkle. You can also use a wet face towel. The steam produced will also aid in the removal of wrinkles.

Use white vinegar for deodorising

Vinegar is the best natural deodorizer that you can find. You can use it on your laundry day in multiple ways. Pre-soak smelly clothes, like your gym set, to remove the sweat stains and the smell. You can also use it as a fabric softener. Just throw in a cup before starting your load, and your clothes will come out softer than ever.

Get a folding board

If you’re not as skilled when it comes to folding your clothes, getting a folding board will drastically shorten the time it takes you to put your clothes away. Folding boards are easy to use and leave your clothes looking more uniform and organized.