8 tips for nurturing relationships

Your relationship is something that needs to be continually invested in. Nurturing your relationship is something that everybody knows, but feels there is not enough time to do it properly. This means that you need to figure out the little things in your relationship to make it thrive. Nurturing your relationship doesn’t have to be an overarchingly complicated thing, but it’s about providing those little touchstones that ensure that what you and your partner do for each other will stand the test of time, and you both feel valued as a result.

Surprise Them

In a relationship, the art of surprise is something that deteriorates over time. Whether there are perfect gifts for him that you know he will love, or it’s a bouquet of flowers for her, that little bit of surprise is always going to keep the magic alive. Some people don’t like surprises, especially in terms of significant, over the top gifts. But you can still straddle the balance by doing something little for them that takes them aback. This will go a long way to make them be sure that you are not taking the relationship for granted.

Take Them On An Adventure

You need to go on adventures as a couple, as this gives you the opportunity to learn and grow together. There are so many gift experiences you can buy for someone, whether it’s going rock climbing, or just checking out a local escape room, an adventure is a break from the norm. Over time, as the relationship grows, you can go further afield, and book long holidays. At the very beginning, or even a year into the relationship, that spirit of adventure will keep both of you guessing and nurture the company you have with each other.

Tell Them You Care

It’s effortless to take the other person for granted. And sometimes it’s the big events that you think gives you the opportunity to show them you care. You might be looking for the best gift to celebrate an anniversary, but you need to show them how you feel. Telling them that you care is a little thing, but it goes a long way. It’s very straightforward, but it is very underappreciated. It’s not about getting down on one knee and telling them how much you love them (with a fanfare) all of the time, but it’s about the little things. It could be a little thing that they’ve been talking about for a while, and you can just swoop in and show it to them. It’s about the art of surprise, but you need to show them that you care in little ways. This means that, by getting a gift for them, it shows you care, but it also shows you listen.

Focus On Them, And Them Alone

If you have so many distractions in life and you need to recapture that sense of intimacy with you and your partner, think about whisking them away somewhere where you can just focus on each other. Maybe you feel that you have to share them with other people, or they think that you aren’t giving them as much attention as you should. If that’s the case, take the opportunity to book a romantic weekend getaway, or just an evening meal in a restaurant, where you can both remain free from distractions, and spend quality time as a couple. It’s so easy to spend your life being distracted by other things, so much so, that you don’t focus on the person right in front of you. You’ve got to give them your undivided attention, even if life is doing its best to refocus you.

Include Them In Your Future Plans

Have you got a 5-year plan? Or are there things that you want to do that you feel you should include them in? A relationship is all about sharing. When you have plans for the future, it does mean that you have to do everything together. You could do with his keep them involved in your lives properly. If there is a film you wanted to go and see in the cinema, and you made the grand assumption that it’s something they wouldn’t care about, at least ask them. If they feel that they aren’t a major factor in your life that much, this could very quickly start to drive a chasm between the two of you. At the same time, you need to respect each other’s space. It is a very delicate balance.

Spend Quality Time With Their Friends

What can happen is that you get entwined with each other and stay in that relationship bubble. It’s important that you give each other space, and also, show an active interest in their friends as well. Spending quality time with their friends, even those that you feel you don’t really get along with, can go a long way to show them that you care. Whether it’s venturing out to a local pub to socialise, or go-karting, or even a few rounds of crazy golf, structure it around a fun event, something that you can all enjoy. That way, if it feels incredibly painful, and you can’t get along with them as well as you would like, the event itself is distraction enough! It can feel like a lost cause, but you have to show willing!

Be Relaxed With Each Other

It’s not just about heading out on adventures, it’s about being at ease with each other at home. Being relaxed at home means that you are both being honest and showing your true selves. Whether this is spending a weekend on the couch watching a recently purchased box set, or just sitting around doing nothing, it’s important to be relaxed in each other’s company as it is going on dates together. The big mistake that couples make is that they spend too much time on the couch, and not enough time out in the open. But it’s still lovely to know that the person you’re in a relationship with is relaxed enough that you can sit around and do nothing. That’s one of the benefits of being in a loving relationship, someone you can nap with, sit in your pyjamas with, and just do nothing. It’s one of the little pleasures in life.

Try New Things

That balance between sitting around and doing nothing, but also being out and adventurous of the open is a difficult one to tread. As a couple, and you will grow together, and this means that it’s likely you will settle into a routine of sorts. Trying new things isn’t the responsibility of one partner, but it’s the both of you. Trying new experiences is easier than ever. You can purchase a gift experience, like a cooking class or a language course, and go and do it together. Think about the skills that you would both like to learn together and try them! Not only are they practical skills you can reuse together in life, but you are both working on improving yourselves. The hallmark of a great relationship is a couple that knows when to take things to the next level, intellectually as well as romantically.

Nurturing your relationship isn’t an overnight job. It can take years to get it finely-tuned. But part of the adventure of growing a relationship is about finding out new things about each other. You have to nurture a relationship, but this means you’ve got to understand what makes it thrive. It can be a long journey to get right, but it’s one that you will have a lot of fun doing.

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