8 Mobile SEO optimization tips

If you are seated in a crowd of people, just take a look around where you are seated. Do you notice anything? We guarantee you that 90% of the people around you have their phones on their hands. And that is the basis of this article, where we will be looking at mobile SEO optimization tips employed by agencies like SEO Sydney, and they will help your business grow from the grassroots up.

Read on to find out exactly how to do so using mobile SEO.

Build a responsive web design for your website

Most businesses only build their website best designed for desktop use, and they forget that most of the users today use mobile phones to access this website. This simply means that once you log into a website, you’ll find that most of the content does not fit on your screen, and you are forced to convert to a desktop mode so that you’re able to read what is on the website. This is a considerable disadvantage as it makes people log out this very instant they see this. So much so, to beat this disadvantage, you should build a responsive website that is specific for a mobile phone screen. Make sure that the content is shareable, and it is indexed appropriately.

1. Create an attractive site

There is so much that someone can tell from your website immediately they log onto it. Specific colors and certain artistic features make a website look attractive, and this is what you should employ; that is, if you want people to stay on your page for the longest time possible. A stunning website entails using a responsive design with a systematic display of content that is not too harsh on the eyes, nor is it too busy.

2. Optimize your content

When we say optimize your content, we simply mean that you use all the tools available to you to make sure that the content posted is relevant and is useful to the person reading it. You should use meta-data such as attractive titles, subtitles, phrases, and alluring messages. Yet another thing you can use is imagery, which is engaging and relevant to your content.

3. Fix all faulty issues

When you first started the website, you must have realized that there are some drawbacks to the site, and you must fix them as fast as possible. This may be an issue to deal with backlinking or offsite linking, affecting your website’s performance. You must get someone to fix that immediately so that you can keep your clients happy.

4. Structure your data

By structuring your data, we mean that you must have a systematic way you display your content. Simply take a look at my social media postings; what do you realize on the pages with the most engagement? The thing you learn about these pages is that they have a certain way they post their content. They have a particular structure that they use to display the content, which creates a familiarity that customers grow to appreciate. On your mobile sites, make sure that you do the same. For instance, if you have a blog, start with the title, follow up with a brief headline, then an image, write the main text, and finish off with a call to action button. When you have such a structure in your content display, a customer who comes back we find it easy to get what they want instead of looking around and not being sure if they find what they have. The order gives you credibility.

5. Use local searches

Local searches are basically what the people around your vicinity are looking for on the internet. And you can use this to advantage for mobile SEO optimization. For example, if you are in the business of selling women’s clothing, and the local searches indicate that the ladies in your vicinity are around a particular age, and they are looking for a specific style of dress, then you can tailor your business to fit what they want. To further this explanation, consider the following example.

If the local search indicates that ladies are aged 25 to 30, and they are looking for bohemian style dresses, and you sell precisely that, you can use this to your advantage. Create a page on your mobile site that will link your potential customers to that particular post with a bohemian style dress you sell.

6. Optimize customer experience

Optimizing customer experience means that you tailor your website to fit a person accessing your site through their phone. The first thing you can do is make sure the font size is readable on a mobile device; the second thing is to make sure that the content is thumb-friendly, which means that the content can be easily swiped up down side to side. Your call to action button must be evident and visible.

7. Be aware of pop-ups

Mobile phone sites are notorious for allowing pop-up advertisements, and this can be very annoying. No one likes to be interrupted by an ad that they do not need while reading a fascinating topic. This can be the very reason they log out of your website, and that is why you must be aware of the kind of pop-ups that show up. If you must use pop-up adverts on your website, it can be very beneficial to make sure that they are relevant to what the site visitor is reading about.

8. Use a clean and straightforward navigation bar

The navigation bar has to be very simple and straightforward to understand for a mobile phone user. You should make sure that it is clear to read, has relevant information, and perfectly fits all the words. This will ensure that the user can maneuver well without having to turn the screen.


As we advance into the age where mobile phones are taking over laptops and desktops, you must make sure that your website is mobile-friendly as a business owner. The tips above will help you get the best out of mobile SEO optimization.







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