6 Methods to Get Pepper Spray Out of Your Eyes

If you have ever gotten pepper spray into your eyes, you will be desperate to wash it off or by any means get rid of it. Your eyes will be shut immediately as pepper spray will produce a powerful burning sensation in your eyes.

 It may lead to the skin’s tenderness and can make it difficult to breathe, which is especially hazardous for people suffering from asthma. The pain won’t go away immediately; however, there are several ways by which pepper spray can be taken out of your eyes which are:

According to Cleveland clinic best hospitals in uae there are Six methods through which you can get pepper spray out of your eyes.

Method 1

By Quickly Reacting

 1. By not touching your eyes

 Severe irritation to your eyes and skin can be caused as pepper spray is an oil-based substance. If you ever get pepper spray in your eyes, try to avoid touching your eyes and face. By touching your face, you are only spreading the oil around that area and will increase the affected area.

  • Do tear up your eyes by blinking a lot, and don’t touch your face.
  • Blinking will produce a liquid that initiates the process of erasing the residual spray from your eyes.

 2. Get rid of contact lenses.

 While wearing contact lenses, if you come in contact with pepper spray, do take them out immediately. Your eyes will be continuously irritated because of the residual spray that will stick to your lenses. Discard these lenses as even deep cleaning won’t erase the residue from them.

  • Pour your face in clean cold water after taking out your lenses.
  • Opening and closing your eyes several times underwater also helps.


3. The burning sensation will last for a while


The symptoms may continue to appear even if you have flushed your eyes. From 30 minutes to over 2 hours, irritation in the eyes may continue to appear.

It may take an hour as the inflammation of the throat lining can cause difficulty in breathing.


  • Immediate medical attention should be taken by going to a nearby hospital or a walk-in center if your symptoms worsen.
  • You should be getting emergency medical treatment if you have asthma, as pepper spray may cause difficulty breathing.

 Method 2

By using water

1. Flushing your eyes with water

An oily residue that will be left on your skin and in your eyes by pepper spray will need to be cleaned as soon as possible.

The most appropriate way to do this is just by washing your face and eyes with cold water. For 15 minutes at least, you should do this.

  • Try flushing your eyes with artificial tears, if you have them on hand.
  • After flushing your eyes with water, keep them exposed as the air helps to evaporate the irritant. This should be done after keeping the affected areas open.
  • Use a drinking fountain or a sink if you have access to them. Make use of any clean water that you can get hold of. Standing under a cold shower may also rinse off the pepper spray.

 2. Your skin should be washed with soapy water.

 To wash the pepper sprays residual, washing your face with water can help get rid of it. Dish detergent or a mild non-oil-based soap can be used to remove it from your skin. A solution containing one-quarter detergent that is mild and mixing it with three-quarters of cold water should be made.

  • Dip your face in the solution for approximately twenty seconds and keep your eyes tightly shut for twenty seconds.
  • Repeat it ten times and then wash your face.
  • Do not put your face back in the solution and refresh this solution after every wash.

  Warning: Avoid getting soap in your eyes. It will only further irritate your eyes.


 3. Saline eye drops should be used


The moment this burning sensation has started to calm down in your eyes, there can still be some oily residue left. To get rid of this, using saline drops to wash off any irritant left is helpful. Continuous blinking and applying a few drops to your eyes directly is beneficial.

  • They can be bought from supermarkets, pharmacies, and drug stores.
  • Even after doing all these steps, do not rub your eyes.


Method 3

By using milk

 1. By splashing milk on your face

After hitting with pepper spray, milk is usually used by people. It may ease your pain but won’t help in getting rid of the residues and oils. The burn caused by pepper spray can be relieved by milk. This way, the residual is more comfortable to flush off from your eyes. Keeping your eyes closed, whole milk should be splashed on your face.

  • To get rid of the remains of pepper spray, milk is a less effective option than washing with water. This is not a sterile option, according to experts.
  • By pouring it in a clean spray bottle is another way to apply milk. Spray it on your face while keeping your eyes closed.
  • Among the use of milk and water, researchers found very little difference in pain relief.

2.  Use a towel soaked in milk.

 To relieve yourself of the burning in your eyes caused by the pepper spray, soaking a towel in milk helps. Place the towel on your face after dipping it in the whole milk.


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