7 Ways To Stay Cool During This Summer Without Using Air Conditioning

Staying cool is quite difficult in high temperatures during the summer season. Nowadays, people can’t imagine a single day to survive without air conditioning. However, surprisingly you can survive comfortably in summer without cooling the air electrically. The best 7 ways to stay cool this summer without using air conditioning will show you how!

Using natural products and being close to nature can help you stay cool without air conditioning during summer. Furthermore, taking hydrated foods and beverages can keep you cool from the inside. Changing the home’s outlook also helps a lot to resist heat and temperature in summer.

Now, let’s go to the detailed discussion without wasting time! In this context, I’ll show you the best 7 ways to stay cool during this summer without using air conditioning. These ways will effectively keep you hydrated and cool inside and outside.

1. Take Cold Shower In Several Times:

An effective cold shower can relieve you from hot summer suffocation. Take your bath at least three times daily with cold and clean water. Besides, a cold shower improves blood circulation quickly. For this reason, the weather can’t affect the human body.

Moreover, there are some cold shower gels that can also give a cool feeling after bathing. Furthermore, these types of stuff contain menthol and other cooling ingredients. That’s why cool shower gels keep the skin and the body cool for a long time. Use a good branded cold shower gel every bathing time.

2. Wear Light And Breathable Clothes:

Summer becomes comfortable by choosing regular clothes smartly. Weighty fabrics are heavy to manage and carry. Besides, these types of clothes absorb the temperature of the environment. For this reason, it feels more uneasy after wearing heavy clothes. Light and short dresses are perfect for a hot summer.

Again, for regular use, cotton and breathable fabric will be the best for the summer season. Breathable clothes can prevent heat and circulate a good airflow to the body. Furthermore, short clothes allow the air to reach most body parts. Therefore, choose the dresses according to your comfort and preference.

3. Use Box Fan Or Ceiling Fan:

Use a box or ceiling fan instead of air conditioning to prevent sweat. Fans can help you keep your body cool, especially after entering the house from the outside. Besides, ceiling fans are also beneficial in this case. Use high-speed ceiling fans for large rooms.

On the other hand, box fans are portable and suitable for serving you anywhere. Some box fans are rechargeable and can last for a long time. Again, set a box or ceiling fan inside the bedroom when it feels too hot. It reduces sweating and suffocation during the hot temperature.

4. Keep Heat Resistant Plants Inside The House:

Some indoor plants can reduce the temperature inside the house. Keeping some of those plants inside the house is an eco-friendly way to stay cool this summer without air conditioning. Besides, plants can provide a lot of fresh oxygen inside the house.

Snake plants, cacti, and pathos are the best indoor plants to resist heat inside the house. These plants can absorb a large amount of carbon and release oxygen at the same time. Hence, keep several heat-resistant plants in the bedroom and living room to reduce the temperature in summer.

5. Use Bamboo Sheets For Your Beds:

Bamboo sheets can be the best option to stay cool this summer. Generally, bamboo fiber is the main ingredient of these natural fabric sheets. These fabrics can prevent heat and are moister than cotton fabric. For this reason, it feels cool and comfortable after using the bed.

Replace the regular cotton bed sheets with these bamboo bed covers. Besides, these bamboo bed covers are soft and durable. It will keep the bed cool and smooth during sleeping time. However, always choose the best bamboo sheets to get the best result in your summer days.

6. Apply Heat Proof Window Films:

In the daytime, sun rays create heat and increase the house’s temperature. Glass windows and doors are the primary sources of entering sun rays inside the rooms. However, sometimes, even curtains can’t handle these heart attacks. Heatproof window and door film can be the best solution for this situation.

Some glass films can prevent the sun rays from reflecting the heat. Besides, you can reduce the sunlight’s power through these films. Cover the window frames using these heat-resistant window films to decrease the temperature. Also, use thick curtains in glass windows and doors.

7. Choose The Lightest Colors For Your Wall Painting:

On summer days, walls absorb the sunlight through the wall paint and become hot from the inside. And make the house more desirable at night. For this reason, colors matter in house walls. Generally, light colors can’t absorb or radiant the sun’s rays. Light-colored houses don’t become hot on summer days.

On the other hand, dark colors absorb heat and light. Dark-colored houses increase the temperature a lot. Besides, dark colors work like an air barrier. Therefore, if you want to keep the home completely cool, try to paint the house with light colors.

Related Questions:

Is Reducing Indoor Humidity Work In Summer To Stay Cool?

Reducing indoor humidity works quite well to stay cool in summer. Humidity can control the temperature around the house. Again, with low humidity, it feels pretty relaxed and more comfortable than the high humidity. A high-quality dehumidifier can work well to reduce indoor moisture.

Humidity impacts much for providing comfort in summer. It reduces by two or three degrees during low conditions. Besides, low humidity can save power and money expenses for air conditioning. With balanced moisture, the air conditioner works well in low temperatures.

What Food Helps To Stay Cool During Summer?

Foods with a great hydration formula can help you stay cool during the summer. Cucumbers, curd, and various seasonal fruits are the best foods for staying cool. Also, these foods are a great source of hydration. By taking these foods regularly, you can stay cool from the inside.

Water will help you to keep the body cool from the inside and digest the foods properly. Besides, take plenty of water daily to become completely hydrated. Drink at least two liters of water a day.

Which Products Are The Best For Summer To Keep Yourself Cool?

YQXCC Microfiber Cooling Towel and Memory Foam Cooling Gel Pillow for Sleeping are the best products for summer to keep yourself cool. The microfiber cooling towel can relieve you from the heat in the daytime. Besides, it helps to keep the moisture balanced, especially under the sunlight.

On the other hand, the cooling gel pillow will provide you with the best comfort at night. It prevents heat and provides sound sleep at bedtime. Furthermore, cooling cushions work like magic for your neck during sleep.

Final Verdict:

Avoiding air conditioning is not easy to keep yourself cool in summer. These 7 ways to stay cool this summer without using air conditioning will save you a lot. All these techniques are summer-friendly and also eco-friendly. However, these tricks will still work great if you follow them perfectly.

Besides, for healthy living, these seven best ways will take you closer to nature. Follow the methods to keep the body cool naturally during this hot summer.

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