7 Tricks Paris Hilton Uses to Always Look Amazing

The paparazzi like to try to catch celebrities not looking quite their best. Journalists sport these candid shots like small trophies. However, even the slyest and quickest photographer can’t seem to get a bad candid shot of Paris Hilton. That is because this model, heiress, and reality star are committed to looking her best day and night. 

Perhaps you may be thinking that Paris Hilton should be held to a higher standard. She is a natural beauty, has many resources and assistants at her disposal, and can always look her best. 

However, most of the tips and tricks Paris Hilton swears by can work for people with any budget. And no one can be busier than Paris, which is on the go non-stop. Try these favorite Paris Hilton beauty tips and always look photograph-ready. 

  1. Magnetic Lashes

These are not your mother’s lashes that were fastened with adhesive and fell off usually within an hour. State of the art MoxieLashes is the secret to Paris Hilton’s beautiful eyelashes. There are five varieties so that you can select a natural or a more dramatic look depending on your mood. 

These lashes are easy to put on and stay in place. Simply paint a strip of magnetic eyeliner on your eyelid, stick it on the lashes, and you are set. In her Moxielash review, Paris Hilton was exuberant, “When I looked in the mirror after applying MoxieLashes for the first time, I knew I had to tell my fans, friends, and family about the upcoming hottest and boldest look of 2021.” 

  • Premium Hair Removal

Are you looking for an alternative to a regular razor for shaving your legs in the shower or an electric razor? Are you tired of razor burn, sensitive skin, and ingrown hairs? Try the Kenzzi IPL Laser Hair Removal System endorsed by Paris Hilton. 

This small and convenient device uses laser technology to remove hair gradually and prevent it from growing back in just a few weeks. Kenzzi reviews describe customer satisfaction with this device that is easy to use and doesn’t require a salon visit. 

  • Newest Technology for Flawless Skin

Do you ever feel that smoothing a large amount of foundation on your skin is wasteful or not that great for your complexion? The Opte Precision System identifies imperfections, provides serum for concealment, and is a more natural-looking alternative to regular foundation. 

In an Opte review, Paris Hilton said, “I love anything to do with tech…so to have this part of my brand is a dream come true.” The Opte Precision system works like a makeup printer, or some call it “like a Photoshop for dark spots.” Opte detects imperfection with blue light and targets these areas with a serum to correct them and leave your skin flawless and smooth. 

  • Ultimate Relaxation

Paris Hilton’s beauty treatments are not only skin deep. Although she is busy around the clock with her reality shows, endless travel, and other engagements, she takes time to relax. Paris loves lighting Chiji candles, which release meditation crystals in the air to create a feeling of serenity. 

In her Chiji review, Paris Hilton wrote, “These energy candles gave my house a whole new vibe.” Stress negatively impacts the way we look, so relaxation and stress relief are essential parts of any beauty routine. 

  • Protection from UV Rays

When Paris was young, she said her friends used to love going sunbathing. Paris Hilton refrained from doing this because she was concerned about the effects of ultraviolet rays on the sun, even at a young age. This was a good practice because her habit of staying out of the sun or using a high-quality sunscreen that prevents UV rays from reaching the skin is mainly responsible for her honest, youthful look. 

  • Hair Rejuvenation

Paris Hilton is famous for its golden, springy locks. She keeps her blonde hair shiny with a treatment called Olaplex, which removes impurities and uncovers shine and beauty. Paris commented, “Olaplex is better than a mask. It’s done at the same time as lightening your hair, and if you get your hair styled all the time, it is a lifesaver.” 

  • Smoothies and Juices 

Juices are delicious and are ideal for detoxing. Paris Hilton says she does a detox diet every summer when she will consume only juice and smoothies for three days. “It’s usually if I have something big coming up where I’m going to wear a bikini.” 

Can You Picture This? 

If you have followed these tips, chances are you look and feel amazing. This is the ideal time to commemorate the particular way you think with a beautiful portrait. You can turn a picture into a painting with the help of Paint, Your Life professional artists. In a Paint Your Life review, Paris Hilton wrote, “Carter bought these amazing portraits for our anniversary…it was one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received.” 

Looking Your Best with Paris Hilton’s Tips

You don’t have to be a celebrity to benefit from these pro tips from Paris Hilton. Devices and tools can make hair removal and smooth skin easier to maintain. Staying healthy and relaxed with candles and fresh juices can make you look good and feel good. Feel glamorous and follow in the footsteps of America’s favorite glamor girl.