7 Tips for Taking Your Dog on Vacation With You

Are you taking your dog abroad? Having your pet on your travels can be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have. To ensure it goes smoothly, you must prepare accordingly.

These preparations are easy to follow and will make a much more enjoyable trip. Below, we give 7 must-know tips to follow when taking your dog on vacation.

1) Consult Your Vet Before Taking a Dog on Vacation

Before going on any long-distance trips, consult your veterinarian. They will be able to advise you on your dog’s current health, and if they are able to take the trip. They will also advise you on any vaccinations needed if you are going abroad.

2) Get the Dog Comfortable With a Carrier

If the trip requires the use of a carrier, it may help your dog if you get them used to it before you take part on the trip. This will ensure they are a little more relaxed in their surroundings, and provide comfort on a journey that may normally cause stress.

Leave the carrier open for a few weeks before the trip. Place favorite toys and blankets inside. Before the trip, start to place food and water in the carrier so the dog knows that they will be fed when inside.

3) Update Their I.D.

Even the most well-trained of dogs can easily get lost. In unfamiliar surroundings, you may lose track of them and not get them back. To prevent this, make sure that all identifications, including tags and microchips, are up to date when you travel with dogs.

4) Locate Pet-Friendly Accommodation

Not all accommodation is pet friendly. In fact, you should assume that any hotels, hostels, and guest houses are not ready for your pets unless they specifically state so. If you are unsure, send them a message in advance to discuss the options.

5) Pack Extra Food

Food is extremely important when traveling, as you want your dog to stick to the eating habits and regimes it does now. You also do not want them to go hungry while in transit.

You can help with this by packing extra food. If your dog is in an enclosed transit space, make sure they have more food and water than they need. If you or they encounter delays, you do not want them to be starving as they do so.

6) Make Sure Your Dog Is Trained

Taking an untrained dog on a trip is a recipe for disaster. You will be in unfamiliar surroundings, possibly with people who do not share the same outlook on pets and dogs as you do. Laws may be different, as may the expectations on pet owners.

Essentially, an unruly dog can get you into trouble. You should always be respectful of others and their space. Your dog should be able to stay put until told to do different, and definitely not be an animal that causes conflict with other animals.

7) Document Your Trip

When you take your dog on vacation, make sure to document your trip. Either through pictures, scrapbooks, or social media, everyone loves dogs and wants to see what they are doing.

Enjoy Your Vacation!

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