Choosing the Right Vacation Home for Your Dog

Planning for the perfect vacation can be a little stressful when you’re fretting about where you’ll leave your dog behind. Some pet owners may leave their fur babies at home, if they plan to stay away for a few days. But a long vacation that you can’t take your dog to, can be daunting, seeing as finding the safe hands that can care for your dog as much as you do is not an easy task. Vacation homes for pets can offer your dog a relaxing vacation, while you unwind in your summer home.

Here’s how you can choose the right retreat for your dog before you go on holiday.

Take a Tour

The first step you need to take when you come across a vacation home for pets is to take a tour. You should never blindly pick a spot based on how good a retreat looks in online photos. These photographs can be misleading, and there’s no way to make sure that a home is safe for your dog unless you see it first-hand. When you find a retreat that you feel comfortable with, thoroughly check it out before you decide on signing any paperwork. You should also talk to the caregivers to see what amenities and services they will offer for your pet.

While you take a tour, take a look at how other pets are doing. Animals should be kept in their own rooms, and taken to a field on a daily basis where they can play with other animals. Some dogs may be aggressive with other animals, and these should always be kept with a human companion in a safe environment. You could probably tell if dogs look happy or distressed in the vacation home, while hygiene also plays a part in how safe a home is for your pet.

Browse Through Your Options

You may like the first option that you come across, but there may be other alternatives that will be more suitable for your dog. This also depends on the breed that you care for. Some dogs may be social and may require the company of other animals as well as humans, while others may need a safe and spacious enclosure with the company of a single caretaker. Browse through different options, and visit them weeks before your planned vacation. This will help you make a more informed decision on what is best for your dog’s needs.

Take Your Dog

You should never take tours around vacation homes on your own. After all, it’s your dog that will be staying there for its special retreat. When you take your dog, this will give you, as well as the caretakers, an idea of what your dog is comfortable with. If there are too many pets in the retreat, and this seems to distress your dog, you should keep looking until you find somewhere more suitable. Dogs don’t always value a more spacious or luxurious environment, and what you like may not be what your dog prefers. Pay attention to your pet’s behavior while you’re taking a tour, and decide according to its reaction.

Read the Documents Carefully

Before you leave your dog behind, you’re going to have to sign agreements. These can be very vague, while others may have terms and conditions that protect the caretakers from anything that may happen to your dog while you’re away. If any policy seems fishy, or if it seems that the documents insinuate that your dog will not be given any needed medical attention while you’re away, consider contacting your lawyer before you make your decision.

Talk to Your Vet

Whether your pet has special needs or not, you need to inform your vet that you’re leaving your dog in a vacation home. Your vet may recommend vaccinating your pet before you leave it, or they may request the details of the caregivers in question in case your dog needs medical attention. Your vet may also recommend giving your dog supplements to boost its immunity, seeing as your pet will be exposed to other animals.

Leaving your dog in a vacation home is a surefire way to leave your dog in safe hands, while your pet can also enjoy its own getaway until you come back for it. Always talk with your dog’s caretaker, and demand a tour, to make sure that your dog will receive that treatment and care that it deserves. You should also check reviews, and ask other customers in the community before you sign any documents.

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