7 Spiritual Hacks to push through this Pandemic!

We’ve all been there, some more than others, with different levels of coping and acceptance. The pandemic came, saw, and conquered, and while the worst might be over it’s not like the “elephant” in the room just suddenly left. Even if it did, the places where it walked certainly don’t look the same.

Everyone talks about the economy, sure money pays us bills, and money gets food on the table. But what about the sequels the economy has left to our mental health?

Let’s be honest because we owe ourselves that much. Being locked up for weeks or even months takes its toll on our spirits (unless you are an introvert and enjoying the ride while it lasts…). But for those of us that aren’t, the remains of what once was can still affect us.

In 2021 the prescription of antidepressants has never been this high in young adults and those under eighteen. A true reflection of the damage that has been dealt with the young. But even other age classes of adults are struggling with the consequences:

Isolation, fear of socialization, fear of isolation, anxiety, and restlessness are likely having an impact on our society.

As a consequence of confinement, more and more people feel lonely. Online shopping is the best option for many to prevent possible exposure and as a way to obtain instant gratification, it is easier to make impulsive purchases. We all know how that ends, stuff pilling up in the bedroom most likely never used or used once. Would we buy it again? Probably not, and knowing that completely defeats the initial dopamine when clicking the “buy” button.

It’s like we have been used to those quick fixes so many times that even when it defies our logic, we go back to doing it over and over again. Is there a better solution? Well, if you are open to believing that sparkly objects can’t fix a broken spirit, then there might be more to learn.

These 5 spiritual hacks may help you get through the pandemic. These are mostly free to use or require materials you already have or own at home.

#1 Go for a Walk and have a solo picnic

Grab a good book, make some freshly brewed tea and take a towel with you. While there is still sunny outside, you can enjoy the calming effect of green areas, trees, and the wind. Who says you need a group to do a picnic? Take a small towel and sit under a tree. While you are at the park you can collect a few leaves to dry them between pages, these can later be used to decorate albums or if you are into journaling to fit into a journal.

#2 Stargazing at night at the park with your favorite music

Night walks can be beautiful and very underrated. The night is often associated with bars, clubs, and noise, but you really don’t have to fit into that cliché. If the weather is good and the Moon favorable, take a towel, pick your favorite spot and do some stargazing! This time of reflection can also be used to take a deep breath in and out, organize your thoughts and put your spirit back together.

#3 Feeling lost? Try oracle cards to give you answers

Sometimes we introspect so much, but the answers still don’t come. Fear not because there is a not-so-well-known solution at hand that comes at a low cost. If you are willing to spend between 10-25$ find yourself some useful oracle cards. What are oracle cards? These are beautifully illustrated pieces of guidance and art that can be used as a daily oracle. Answer your most difficult questions and get fresh insights or perspectives. Sometimes all you need is to step outside the unknown and open your spirit to new things. If your local store isn’t open you can always shop at a metaphysical store online such as an online store for metaphysical goods offering oracle cards, tarot cards, and more.

#4 Take a relaxing bath and light up some candles

Whether you have some leftover candles from Halloween, a party or you happen to be a candle collector, you now own the power to turn daily bathing into a relaxing bathing experience. Turn the lights off at night, light up some candles and take your time to unwind from daily stress.

While you unwind, you can also take time to focus on your goals. To do so,  you can create affirmations and repeat them to make them more powerful. Focus on what you would like to accomplish and what you would like to heal and while relaxing look at the candles and manifest your intentions. That way, you are both relaxing and manifesting two in one!

#5 Start a Daily Journal

Journaling is a great way to express your emotions while also providing a creative outlet to do so. Those tickets to the concert, pictures of your last road trip, or that funny newspaper article, you can cut them out and incorporate them into your journal. Try re-discovering it in 1, 5, or 10 years from now! In the digital age where information can simply be erased with a click, you will get to keep your long-lasting memories and carry them with you.

#6 Meditate to Calm music

Meditation is one of those things that has to be tried in order to be enjoyed. The idea of sitting with your eyes closed for half an hour may not sound captivating enough, however, those that have tried it swear on it. This is because your spirit may find ways of traveling in your thoughts. You may not only find a place to relax and unwind but explore how creative your brain can get. Visualizing an abandoned beach or swinging from a huge swing in the clouds, your mind can take you to places no one else can. To further boost your wellbeing, display some orgonite pyramids around your home. Ever heard about orgonite? It is said to remove harmful energies all around your home and its pocket size makes it great for travel too. Give it a try!

#7 Create an inspiration Board

Similar to a journal, an inspiration board collects tids and bits of things that inspire you, combining them into one board. There are thousands of ideas of inspiration boards online and they are a way to visualize your goals without losing track. Inspiration boards are here to show you that almost everything is possible if you are willing, they are a tool to help you to keep track of your dreams.

Don’t forget that no struggle is permanent, you have made it this far and are strong enough to make it through. The mountain may be high but once you’ve climbed it, it may well be worth the view!

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Photo by Samuel Austin