7 Modern Dating Rules You Should Probably Try To Follow

Confused about modern dating? You are not alone. In modern times, singles date differently than older people. For you, it may be a learning experience for having been brought up in a traditional family. If you find modern dating a challenge, it may help to get some advice. To meet that perfect partner using modern dating techniques, read on. 

Keep your dates brief 

Do not let dates go on for too long that your brain gets carried away. The excitement of meeting a potential mate can be giddying. Instead, spend just the right amount of time getting to know your partner on a shallow level. Feel the spark with sugar baby dating sites so that you can restrict each date to not more than 90 minutes and try it out. 

The reason you need to keep your dates brief is that although it can be incredibly fun to go out for dinner followed by a bar crawl, it can leave you in a state of despair. If after the marathon outing nothing develops out of it, you can get confused. Avoid the extreme highs and lows by keeping your dates brief. It can make your love life easy. 

Multiple dates at once 

Before entering and committing to a monogamous relationship, go for dates with multiple people. If you do not try out dating with multiple people, you might be in for a disappointment because the date that you like may pull out for no reason. You do not want to be put in a situation where you are left high and dry. 

Things with your steady date have escalated so far that you get blindsided by it and feel like this is it, and this is the perfect match for me. However, you are crushed because the feelings were not mutual, and you did not see it coming. But if you go out on multiple dates, the backing off may not crash land on you. 

Avoid talking about exes 

The golden rule for modern dating is to avoid talking about your past breakups and relationships, as they can get heavy. Try to keep the initial few dates easy and light. Although you can learn a lot about each other when you are open about your exes, our advice is to hold it off until after a handful of dates. 

If they bring up the conversation about the past breakups, you can tell them that although you would like to talk about it, you prefer to know each other better first. It is the hallmark of a good modern dating relationship to enjoy each other’s company. That way, you can remain positive without bringing out your emotional baggage. 

Be honest and transparent 

If a serious relationship is what you are looking for, you must be upfront about it. Modern dating involves communicating with your dates or partners about your expectations from the relationship so that both parties do not waste any time. Whether it is a serious relationship or a pastime, you must be transparent about it. 

There is nothing to lose by telling your partner what you are looking for in the relationship. By being upfront, you can keep your emotional sanity intact and approach all your relationships maturely. Modern daters do not mind an honest approach. 

Sending thank you notes 

Don’t feel obligated to send a thank-you text right away. Following the pursuit dynamics, you may feel obligated to send a thank-you note as soon as you have parted ways. It is not necessary to do so if you have thanked your date sincerely and warmly in person. 

A follow-up thank you text may make them feel obligated to reply in a certain manner. A good place to be in is to keep them wondering and leave them in a healthy tension. If you know you have thanked them profusely in person, enjoy yourself until you hear from them. However, make sure you do not overdo this. 

See through the planning 

If your date initiates a date meeting in advance and does not see it through when the time arrives, consider that as a red flag. That shows disrespect to the other person, particularly if you are a busy person. You need to know that some modern daters are not great at planning, or they get distracted easily. 

If you are a person who likes to do things with proper planning, avoid people who are not great planners. They can ruin your dating experience. Instead, go for people who follow proper time management and respect other people’s time. 

Ignore when being ignored 

It sometimes happens that the communication stops abruptly after a while, leaving you wondering what happened. Do not panic and be harsh on yourself. There could be various reasons why they do that. They may want to take a break and spend some time with their friends. It is highly recommended not to push it. 

Continuing to ask them to reply to your messages is a waste of time, intrusive, and disrespectful. You could try politely asking the reason they stopped communicating. As a last resort, forget about them as a bad memory and move on. You may be in luck with a better person.

Photo by cottonbro