7 Extremely Simple Calf Exercises You Can Start Doing Now

The leaner legs are getting the attention these days, and that’s why simple calf exercises as these will lead you towards your goals.

It’s all about that sexy look you want for the summer period. It’s time to show up those legs you’ve been hiding underneath the pants.

Rejoice because it’s that time for skirts and short pants. These seven calf exercise tips will help you strengthen up the legs, promote greater balance and even your core will benefit from it.

Nope, you won’t get away with the excuses this time.

7 Extremely Simple Calf Exercises You Can Start Doing Now

For most of these exercises, you won’t need any equipment at all. For some of them, you will probably need a kettlebell, comfy shoes, and a few dumbbells. I think many of you have these things at home.

Before we head down to the exercises, you need to remember that these exercises are important, but you need something more.

Don’t forget that for perfectly toned legs you need to do cardio, weight training and eat healthy and balanced meals.

As I said earlier, these simple exercises will lead the way towards your goals.

Are you ready?

Split Jumps Using Dumbbells

Calf Raises

Running Stairs

Seated Calf Raises

Mountain Climbers

Tip-Toe Walk Using Dumbbells

Kettle-Bell Swings

What’s the thing that prevents you from starting this right away?

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