7 Awesome Activities For Kids And Teens In New Jersey

New Jersey is sometimes perceived as an adults’ only destination, but this is misleading because there are plenty of activities for the whole family, especially those who are still legal minors. Let’s have a look at just seven awesome activities for kids and teens in New Jersey.

Whale Watching

Various companies run cruises out to open water to look out for pods of whales and dolphins as they migrate up and down the US coastline. Some of these cruises will bring you up close and personal with these marine behemoths, offering fantastic experiences and great photo opportunities.

Water Parks

Splashing about in the water is always fun, and this is doubled and quadrupled when you add in ziplines, water slides and a huge array of colourful floaties! New Jersey boasts a number of water parks – some attached to resorts which offer other entertainments and activities – where you and your children can enjoy yourselves during the warm sunny days.

Wolf Preserve

Lakota Wolf Preserve is home to a number of native species, offering you a unique opportunity to observe them in their natural habitat. Book a tour (you must book in advance, they do not accept guests without a reservation) and make sure you arrive in time. The tours are carefully scheduled, so make sure your whole party arrives at least half-an-hour in advance. If you are spread over several hotels, why not gather everyone together in a limo or party bus, to be absolutely certain of getting to the Preserve in time? You can find out about party bus rental in NJ here.

Go to the Zoo

There are several zoos and aquaria offering a glimpse of the immense diversity of wildlife to be found in the USA. Cape May County Park and Zoo has over 550 animals, while nearby Prospect Park (in New York rather than New Jersey, but well worth the diversion) has over 800 animals to admire and learn about. The various aquaria offer unique glimpses of marine life under the sea without you having to get wet.


For a place popularised in television and film as a wild, party venue with less than moral behaviour on display, New Jersey has a lot of cultural offerings: there are a great many museums, from the heritage glass museum, to the many art museums which cover everything from Renaissance art to local contemporary artists, all offering fascinating insights into the world around us and other people.


For almost as long as there have been people, there has been dramatic performance. From re-enactments of hunts and battles to biblical tales and slapstick humour, people have always been drawn to the theatre. New Jersey is home to the Paper Mill Playhouse, home to superb ballets, stirring musicals and so much more – the perfect venue for some escapist fun that can be filed under educational and cultural at the same time.

Ice (Or Other) Skating

In winter, outdoor rinks offer the opportunity for showing off your skating skills, but you can also skate in summer, at the indoor rinks to be found in New Jersey. Catering to people of all ages and skill levels, ice skating rinks are a great way to have some fun and exercise your whole body without really realising it!