6 Things to do to look and feel your best for your wedding day

Without a doubt, looking and feeling your best on your wedding day is likely one of the biggest things on your mind when your special day rolls around. However, it’s important to keep in mind that your wedding preparation should start as early as possible to ensure you’re giving your body the chance to de-stress and look as fresh as possible on your day of all days.

We know just how difficult planning a wedding can be, and you’re likely looking a little worse for wear in the months or weeks leading up to yours and your spouse’s big day, and so we have six excellent tips for you. These will help you look as fresh and feel just as beautiful as you look at your wedding ceremony.

  1. Start off With Nail and Hair Prep

To start off our list, you’re going to want to make sure you’re getting the small details taken care of both in the long-term and on your wedding day. Of course, a booking at a salon you trust before your ceremony is the key to a great ‘do; however, getting your hair looking and feeling fantastic starts months before your wedding.

The same goes with your nails. You’re going to want to make sure you’re eating enough keratin-producing foods to keep your luscious locks growing at a rapid pace and to ensure they’re not prone to tearing. Though, it is also good to consider hair care supplements and growth promoters like Pump Haircare’s growth products.

  1. Consider a Smile Enhancement

A major consideration for many men and women on their wedding day is the enhancement of a smile. Of course, we aren’t suggesting a wide-ranging orthodontic treatment process, though we will suggest whitening and other minor fixes.

If you’re someone who struggles with yellow teeth or has stain-prone teeth, a whitening service might be something worth considering. Added to this, you’re going to want to make sure you feel confident showing off those pearly whites, and if you have a gummy smile, or another issue with your smile you’d personally like to have fixed, a few shots of Botox or another smile correction injection might be worth keeping in mind.

Always be sure you take care of these steps a few weeks to a month before your wedding to make sure there aren’t any issues with bruising.

  1. Get Your Suit or Dress Fitted Early

When it comes to feeling confident on your wedding day, we will tout that you get your fittings for dresses and suits done as soon as possible. One thing you do not want is the fashion centre piece of your wedding being delayed at the last moment, and so be sure you don’t take any chances here.

Added to this, knowing your size in advance will make sure you know what your measurements are, and give you a chance to keep your figure to ensure you’re going to snuggly slip into that gown or suit.

  1. Test out Makeup, Hair and Nails Early

Another key point to keep in mind that is a big stress reliever is testing out your makeup, nails and hairstyles as early as possible. It might even be worth going over a few to see which works best for you should the one you had in mind not look as good as you’d expected.

This will ensure you have plenty of time to tie down and refine your look over a longer period, rather than making a mad dash at the end.

  1. A Lot of Sleep

In the weeks leading up to your wedding day, it is imperative that sleep takes center stage because of its effect on the skin. Of course, there is a lot of planning and likely a lot on your mind with life and work, though to get that incredible ‘glow’ on your wedding day, your skin and hair need a lot of sleep.

Aim to follow as many sleep-focused guides and steps as possible to get those nine hours of sleep each night in the weeks toward your wedding day and you’re going to look incredible.

  1. The Wedding Diet

To end our list of tips, it is also important to ensure you’re following a diet that is both health-focused and easy to follow. You’re not going to want to run the risk of not fitting into a suit or dress on your wedding day or having breakouts on the day of your ceremony. With this in mind, consider meals that aren’t too heavy in sodium which causes inflammation and puffiness, and make sure your fruits and vegetables are your new favorite foods for the days leading up to your wedding ceremony.