5 Easy Tips to Get Your Dream Disney Wedding

A wedding is a very important occasion. Considering the fact that it happens once in a lifetime, most people always want to make it as memorable as possible. However, not many get lucky to conduct their dream weddings. Some fail to so either because of poor planning or lack of enough finances

But what does it take to have your Disney dream wedding come true? Most people often think that achieving a Disney dream wedding is all about money. The truth is that there are many factors that often come into play. It doesn’t matter how constrained your budget is, it is still possible to have your dream wedding.

Here are five tips to get your dream Disney wedding:

1. Budget

One of the major factors to consider when preparing for your wedding is the budget. As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t matter how small your budget is, it is still possible to have a Disney wedding. Your first step should be to carry out small research about the prices at Disney.

It will be upon you and your partner to decide whether to go for a Disney wedding or do a home wedding. Although home weddings may appear cheaper, sometimes the difference between a Disney and a home wedding is not much. That’s why it is important to carry out proper research on all the packages offered by Disney.

2. The reception

One of the most difficult decisions to make when it comes to weddings is where to hold a reception. Your options can only be limited by the extent of your imaginations. For example, if you have decided to hold a small and intimate wedding, then you will definitely want to crown the event in one of Disney’s amazing restaurants.

On the other hand, a wedding with a big guest list would naturally call for a traditional reception. There are always a number of options you can make a traditional reception appear classy. One of the ways is by hiring an event organizer to proposes some places. It could be inside a great movie ride in Hollywood or any place that the both of you prefer.

3. The venue of the wedding ceremony

There are several options when it comes to holding your wedding ceremony. Every wedding package has a number of venues. It is upon you to select a venue that perfectly fits your event. The best thing is always to do a pre-visit to the venue before making the final call. Take your partner and go see how the venue looks like.

Some of the things you should look out for when choosing a venue are the cost of the venue, size of the venue, location of the venue among other factors. These are the things that should help you make an informed decision. If for example, you have invited a few people, there is no point in hiring a venue that can hosts thousands of people.

4. The music

What is a wedding without cool and soft music? Unfortunately, most people don’t realize the role that music plays in wedding events. They often end up selecting poor songs that make the wedding dull and boring. If you are not sure of the type of music to choose, talk to a professional to help you out.

5. Make early arrangements

A wedding involves a lot of planning. As such, you should start your preparations as early as possible. For example, start by booking the venue in advance and pay the deposit to secure it. Doing things, the last minute can easily mess things up. Talk to all the involved parties in advance and have everything ready at least two weeks before the wedding ceremony.